Monday, March 17, 2014

A Monday Minute ~

Out for a much needed few hours on Saturday morning for a brunch with
my book club friends of 15 years..
We toured the gardens of  a popular wedding venue in nearby Fallbrook.

It was a warm day with blue skies...
Friendship was in the air.
Enjoy the tour,
there are several photos, possible only my book club 
 is interested in them all ... :-)

Meeting up...felt like, home.

Loved the stamped concrete ~

Wall of succulents...

Check out the beautiful plants on that wall....

It's what friendship looks like......

The heart shaped lake .......

My favorite, the California Poppy :-)

I think the bucket makes the photo :-)

Kale, who knew?

Heading to lunch.

A short tour,
a beautiful day, 
a delicious meal,
Some needed and good conversation with my friends.
These friends at one time were my family,
turns out,
they still are :-)
So blessed to have each one of them in my life.

Full of thanks, it's what echos from my hear today....


  1. Oh what a beautiful day! You had all the best elements there - beautiful gardens, friends, food.... :)

  2. What an absolutely GORGEOUS spot. I need to check this place out too. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. God's creation...amazing! Your photography of it all...exceptional! What a blessing to spend time with dear friends, at such a beautiful location. Thanks for the beauty they added to my early morning. I certainly would enjoy such a lovely place to visit. The picture of you is so pretty!