Monday, March 10, 2014

A Monday Minute ~

Weeks go by like hours....
Evenings, they go by like weeks.
My day became much brighter after my husband put the Skype
app on his phone and made that first call...
I can now see the face of the man I love regardless of
the miles that separate us... :-)

Our son Joseph was taken of the ventilator on Friday,
by end of day he was put back on.

Saturday evening brought a high fever,
Sunday evening  no report of high temp.

This morning he will go in for his 5th surgery,
this one to close his arm.

It's actually hard to put thoughts together about what this is like.
It's the obvious, fearful, frustrated, worried,  and weary of the unknown.
It's waiting on the west coast for information from the east coast...
Bob and Joseph's Mom keeping us posted...but the waiting,
well it's a test of keeping one's composure.

All the while I've been keenly aware of those that are being changed
by this experience.
Change because they are witness to faith, hope and action.
the greatest of these is the love...

We continue to trust God
I always ask myself when I am walking through a difficult time, 
how to those that don't believe get through times such as this?.

We trust God regardless of the outcomes.

Don't get me wrong,
it's not easy to go through this.
But it's comforting to know it's in bigger hands than our own.

Ever thankful for all who are praying, sending encouraging words, offers of support.
We are loved and blessed by so so many.

Feel free to share the following link :-)
 Joseph, Dominic, Calib and Angel

"Yet there is a cushion of calm at the center of your life, where you live in union with Me.
Return to this soothing enter as often as you an, for this is where you are energized;
 filled with My Love, Joy, and peace........
Your weakness will become saturated with My Power. "
Sarah Young, Jesus Calling

Joseph echos from my heart today....


  1. It does sound as though he is progressing and for that I am grateful. I continue to keep Joseph in my prayers and all of his family.

  2. Isn't technology wonderful... and now because of Skype you get to not only hear his voice but see the face of your dear husband.

    I see you like Sarah Young too. She's got a beautiful ministry too.

    Wishing you Peace for the day...

  3. Oh, Deb, I wonder the same thing, how on earth do non-Christians even make it through life, much less a difficult time. Know it is so, so difficult for you to be enduring this tough time from a distance but I know you are such an encourgement to your Hubby regardless. Continued prayers for Joseph and his precious family. Hugs!

  4. Continued prayers from here as well.

    When people ask me "how" I can only respond "you just do" and certainly with God's help.

  5. I know this is a hard time for you...
    Thank you for sharing this photo of Joseph and his family.
    I will continue to pray, Debi.

  6. Debi, I appreciate the picture and the post. It makes my prayers seem more real as I continually pray for Joseph and his beautiful family. I too, don't know how anyone goes through these journeys without God. I read the same thing in Sarah's book and was so blessed by it. We are not forgetting you.