Friday, July 18, 2014

Poppin's Practaically Perfect In Everyway!

What a night! 

We had a great picnic dinner of fried chicken and the works prior to the start of the show.
Khloe was super excited...she spent much of the time on my lap so I spent much of my time
watching her priceless expressions.  Overall she kept nearly perfect timing with all of the music, and continually would ask, "Namaw, when do we get to clap?"  Each time there was call for applause it was rather funny to see her big grin and hearty applause.

 It was over all a great family event and look forward to next year!
Both Ellery and Khloe were super good (6:30-11:00 P.M.)

Khloe hung in there till the very end :-) Ellery slept through most the second half .....

The happiest little family....

Her new funny face!

Pa and I had the best anniversary, truly!
We both left feeling very happy about how we spent our 
14th year celebration.

Now on to today's festivities.....Buster's (Pa) Birthday is today.
I have a few surprises in the works....

I hope you enjoy the photos from last night!

Ellery too would join in on the applause....

July is our busiest month....this was just one great part of it all!

Tuckered out but  we'll start the festivities up again today at 4:00P.M.
Stay tuned!

Pending surprises for those I's what echos from my heart today...


  1. I LOVE it! Debi, what an outstanding and beautiful family you have. Those babies are just as precious as they can be! The photo's are awesome! This just made my day. Thank you. And, I know this afternoon will be wonderful too; can't wait to hear/see about Pa's birthday! :)


  2. Such a wonderful way to celebrate! Those little girls are just about as precious as they come. Can't wait to see how you surprised Pa.