Saturday, July 26, 2014

Let's Sit Under a Tree !

Needed a lift this morning so I did what works,
I went and picked up the Sweet Beans.
We did our usual, brief pony visit, went to the farm stand,
and then to the market (where the other ponies are).

Three year old's are a lot to keep up with sometimes,
they are also very capable of lifting up!

They think were the best us Namaw's, 
even if sometimes they refer to us as 
"a crazy Namaw".

They, much like puppies seem to know when we need a kiss and a snuggle.

"Lets go sit under the trees!"
So we did..
It was quiet and provided much needed shade.

It's good to walk and take time to think.....
its as if she knew.
"Namaw lets walk up the path"
So we did.

"We're gonna see grass, pine cones, poop and grass Namaw." 


The good with the bad I suppose....very much like life.

She pushed me to walk up the hill much further than I would have gone without her....
Sometimes we just need a little push to do something that will benefit ourselves...
 I knew this little girl isn't a fan of
sweaty....which she got.
" Namaw will you carry me?"

So I did
she had just done the same for me in a manner of speaking :-)

Sometimes we just need to spend some time with the little ones,
they have a gift for filling us up.
And so she did.

Love took us under a tree for some much needed shade....
My heart needed filling
she filled it.
Love being her Namaw....she echos from my heart today.
.As I post this I hear Beans say,
"Namaw, I love you."
Thank you God for this sweet girl.....


  1. Oh, there is nothing like these Grans to help us forget all the "stuff." Ours went home this morning and it's mighty quiet around here but we were ready for quiet, at least for a day or two. :o)) Happy Lord's Day tomorrow!

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Debi. And, that little one fills you up with love and joy. Just what you needed; it's truly like somehow "they know". I had a sweet day today also with a little one. :)


  3. I feel your heart thoughts as you share the joy this little girl brings into your life. I love how she blessed your life. You bless mine so often by my visits here too.