Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our I Do Day !

I had reached the point of being content in being the single Mom.
It was a big deal at that time and I was surprised just how okay I was without
a significant other.

Then I was introduced to Bob.... we lived 30 minutes away from each other,
and I loved him almost immediately. I loved that he owned a Bible, that we were
of the same faith, and that he loved music.
  I really loved that he had his young son living with him,
it said a lot to me about the kind of Dad he was.

Our courtship was very rocky....we broke up often! In all we dated for four years
prior to chosing to marry.
Those that were close to us understandably thought we were crazy
getting married...and feared it wouldn't last.
Fortunately we had the maturity to know, these people loved us and only wanted what was
best for us, therefore we certainly did not take it personally.
It was up to us to show them we were committed and we would spend the rest of our lives doing just that.

For better, for worse, forever.

Bob had fallen in love with Montana.
I suggested we marry on the Gallatin River.
 I was blessed that my parents were both present along with about 20 other family members.
I woke that morning to rain.  Not conducive with an outdoor I do event.....
After leaving the courthouse with our license, my hubstir to be pulled the car
over as my eyes filled with tears.  "Do you want me to pray?" I nodded yes.
He asked God for the skies to clear and for a beautiful day.It continued to rain for several hours.
 As we made the trip down the winding road toward our destination
I recall wondering how this was going to work with the rain?

Minutes prior to pulling into our spot the rain subsided and the sky was suddenly  Big Montana blue
with little white puffy clouds.
The scent in the air was how pine trees smell after a good rain.
It was perfect.
We had a very casual service with a Christian message on marriage and what love is!
Today is 14 years since our I do's.

 It hasn't been with out challenges, no relationship is.
It's a constant effort to not think solely of self but to think of him and us.

I love you Bob, hubsitr, Mr. Horton, Sgt. Horton,
my Buster ....


Lord, give me fresh perspective, a positive outlook and a renewed relationship with the man You've given me.  
Only You are perfect, and I look to You to perfect us. 
 Help me see him with new eyes, new appreciation, new love, new compassion, and new acceptance.
Teach me how to pray for my husband and make my prayers a true language of love.  Make me a new person.
Give my husband a new wife, Lord, and let it be me. 
(Stormie Omartian, The Power of a Praying Wife )

It's what echos from this brides heart today......


  1. What a perfect wedding! I am so happy for you. May our God continue to bless you both,and your family.

  2. Beautiful,, so beautiful, so perfect.

    Such a testimony! God bless you both.

    Happy Anniversary.


  3. How sweet. :)

    You are right, no marriage is without challenges and it takes a little maturity to know that. I wish 20 somethings knew that from the start. I was 24 when we married and was instantly in shock because I thought it would be a fairy tale. It's not, of course but that's ok.

    Happy Anniversary to yall. I hope it's a very special day filled with memories and love.

  4. Awe Debbie, what a sweet, sweet post! So glad that you found each other the 2nd time around and have found happiness. I have a couple of friends that long for that and I pray that they will be as fortunate. Blessings on this day my friend!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Debi!
    What a sweet remembrance of your special day.
    May you be blessed with many more happy years together!

  6. So glad we were wrong! 😮😏😘