Saturday, July 19, 2014

Birthday For the Seasoned Man ~

The Birthday Guy
(photos taken with cell phone, not the best)

We went to a local Day Spa to begin the birthday celebration.
Started with a steam bath for 25 minutes, then to the
 55 minute couples massage....just what he needed.
I didn't mind it much either.....
He was so happy with my choice to do this!

 Just outside the doors of the Spa was
Cruising Grand.
A Friday evening event of collectible cars parked and cruising an area
of about 8 city blocks. 
He was happy with this too!!

We look short in this photo? Old age?????

Dinner was on Grand at Vinz, I reserved table outside
so we could watch the cars go by...
A live band playing country music on the opposite corner of the street.
Nothing wrong with live music, while enjoying a meal!

 A toast to 66 ~ It's not so bad :-)

Saw some cute dogs wearing visors too....  :-)

Limo with a big Teddy Bear in the 4th window back.....

Bob's surprise dinner guests our old neighbors and great friends
Bob and Cathy. We had such a great evening with them.

Cruising into another year a happy man......

A happy Buster is what echos from my heart.....


  1. Oh, Debi, such a wonderful birthday celebration you planned for your hubstir. I love the pictures; you two are adorable! I'm so glad it went well, and fun had by all!


  2. You two sure are a handsome couple! What a great celebration--I know a lot of men who would never go for a massage!! Glad Buster is such a great guy!