Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This Isn't Our Average Wednesday~

For the record,
traffic was horrible for most of the trip.
We purposed to leave at 9:30 A.M. thinking on a Wednesday after rush hour traffic
shouldn't be too bad...
So that didn't work out.

I've started to get over it...

Our first stop was Pismo Beach... 

Stopped in to see Ash and Lissa, owners of 
Tastes of the Valleys, wine bar ~tasting~shop.  
We met them last year and they really are some wonderful kinda people! 
Last year we joined their wine club, which has been a fun experience.  
Today we met a lovely couple for Vancouver Canada while there.... had to share that I have some blogging
buddies in Canada and I just adore the photos I've seen from there.
We tried a new wine, and bought a couple of our favorites...

They recommended Palazzo Giuseppe Italian for lunch...the place was really nice.
Buster had a great burger (yes, in an Italian restaurant) I had an wood fire Margarita Pizza that
was yummy...Still sad I left the left over box there, a very bad habit of mine. It sure sounds good 
right about now.

Now...the icing on our little get away cake...
We are staying on the property of a lovely couple on their twenty acres!
They are staying in the 5,000 sq. foot main house, we have the little guest cottage that is about 900 sq. feet.
One bedroom, nice bath with walk in shower, and a separate living room with frig. microwave, T.V. (so far has remained off) and while here, OUR private pool and spa.
Here she is!

Our interior house....

Living room looking out toward the pool


Here lies the main house!
(the people we want to come work for ) 


The pool  and spa :-).....

The grounds are amazing, my camera loves it here!

This is the sky reflection on the pool....

He rests!

The night sky....

I know you'll feel badly that I have to blog from this little spot....

I got over that little traffic issue ( that consumed much of day one of our trip...)
I feel much better now that I've eaten, had a swim, enjoyed spa jets on my traveling back...
Tomorrow is going to be great....I can just feel it!

Our good night to you!

How awesome is our quiet retreat....?

Yep, for sure over the traffic...
Thankful for time away, it's what echos from my heart today!


  1. Wow Wow Wow I just MAY be jealous!

    Debi, that's a gorgeous place! Your photo's are superb!

    Have a wonderful time in paradise. :)

  2. Soak it in girl! That looks wonderful!

  3. So you found paradise in other words...

  4. I sure have enjoyed the last few posts, revealing a gorgeous place, and a lovely break from the rigors of daily life. The place you stayed was beautiful, inside and outside! I like how you shared highlights and the good time you all had. Thanks for sharing bits and pieces with us.