Monday, July 28, 2014

A Monday Minute~Another Year Begins

Another birthday come and gone...
My oldest son and daughter in law spent Saturday evening with us.
They provided us with a beautiful meal of steak salad and hot rolls. 
Katie my incredible daughter in law prepared all the fixings, 
set a beautiful table.....and didn't let me help :-)
Her and Khloe made me birthday brownies topped with ice cream...
my favorite dessert!
Katie, " I do read your blog!" 
She makes me smile, for many reasons and I am so thankful she 
joined our family.

While all the work went down I got to hang out back with the girls :-)

 Khloe pulling her bug through the yard....providing rides to rollie pollie bugs .

Mike and Buster tended to the steak on the grill and this.....


Really a great evening....
Thanks Mike and Katie!  

 Sunday morning I met my friend Snicker (Lori) of Snicker and Doodle  :-) 
 for breakfast at our church cafe, she kinda spoiled me with gifts...
She in fact is a gift!


Sunday evening friends Missi and Kerry joined us at home for nice
 dinner my Buster prepared.
 We set outback listened to music and did lots of catching up!

They brought me balloons and a most beautiful Orchid.....wish me luck!!

I received many birthday wishes on Facebook and several really nice phone calls.
I live a life full of good people, people I can count on in any situation.

Fifty-eight is off to great start.....
Living thankful, it's what echos from my heart today.....


  1. Oh I agree...everything about your birthday celebrations looks wonderful! Happy birthday to you! May the Lord bless you BIG this year!

  2. Happy Birthday, Debi! So glad you had nice celebrations. Love the photo's too.


  3. Happy Birthday, Debi!
    It sounds like you were blessed with fun celebrations.
    So sweet of all your family and friends.

  4. You make "58" look good! What a sweet tribute to the special people in your life, and what great ways they have to show you that you are loved and admired.
    Happy Belated Birthday my friend!

  5. Oh, our birthdays are very close except that I have a few years on you. :o)) But, its not the years in our life but rather the life in our years. Have a wonderful start to your 59th year. :o)))