Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blessings ~

Blessings !

Our daughter Jackie made this sign for us, 
I love it.
We hung it on the arch that leads to our dining room.

She said she liked that it wasn't specific.
Specifically not listing 
family, friends or grandchildren...
It covers all,
 all who gather here,
all, we call blessings.

Jackie  has a nice little home business going that brings in another income for her family.
It helps as she is a stay at home Mommy to Julia, Aubrie and Gavin, and a wife
 to a husband that works long hours.

I hope you will check out her sight, she has a nice collection going.
Her busiest time is during the holidays, they do make for great little gifts!
I love that colors and fonts can be customized :-)

Tell her WSM sent you (Wicked Step Mother) :-)

She inspires me as she juggles three children all in school and involved
in outside activities, runs her business, all with a hubby who works long hours.

Jackie is a blessing to me,
She's the blessing that echos from my heart today...


  1. WSM - I'll go and visit her. :)

    So many blessings every day.


  2. I visited Jackie's site and I really like her signs. I appreciate that you shared it with us, especially since Christmas is coming. Thank you!
    She is a gifted and busy lady!

  3. I LOVE things like this...I am off to check it out. Hope you enjoyed your day!

  4. I'm going over to visit WSM! I also hold that title ......although I'm the sweetest witch they know 😍

  5. Jackie is talented, indeed.
    I love your sign. I'll go check out her site.