Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tea Cups, Pearls and Aquamarine ~

My special delivery !

This beautiful necklace sent to me from my sweetest of sweet friends Judy
She occasionally has a drawing for something extra special
and my name was picked!

I love the phase written on it,
Each new day is a gift
Not truer words for me .....

It has a tea cup on it...
I have sweet memories of drinking tea with 
my Mom when I was little, milk and sugar please :-)

It has a pearl on it....
A pearl that starts as something not so nice,
yet develops into something beautiful.
A reminder I'm never done growing into something better....

A beautiful aquamarine is also on it...
It happens to be Judy's birthstone,
but is a reminder of Mom's blue eyes.

Wanted Judy to see me wearing it !!!

I hope you will stop by Judy's blog, it's one of my favorites.
She is an awesome Christian Woman, Mother, Wife and Grandmother.
I believe God put her in my life just when I needed her,
for that I am so thankful. 
 I have learned so much about the woman I desire
to be, from her example.

Thank you Judy, for more than you know.....

Tea cups, Pearls and Aquamarine
the memories they stir, it's what echos form my hear today...


  1. Such a beautiful gift, Debi. It's so nice when we make friends through our blogs. Sometimes, I can't even remember how I got to meet new people. But. it's such a blessing.

    I'm happy for you! :)


  2. it is so pretty and such a nice thing to do. I love visiting her blog. I always leave there encouraged and peaceful. Hope your day is going well!

  3. Debi, the necklace looks beautiful on you! I prayed as to who would win this and I thank God that He chose you to be the one. I am humbled by your kind, caring comments on this post. I love that it reminds you of your dear mother.

    Thanks again for being a blessing in my life.

  4. Your special gift from Judy is a real treasure!
    As I'm sure her friendship is.
    You look cute in your new necklace.

  5. Oh, what a special necklace! I'm going right over to check out her site. Isn't it great what super friends we make through our blogs!

  6. How beautiful...and it suits you to a tee!