Monday, September 16, 2013

Aligning Ourselves with God's Will ~

.....Thy will be done, 
on earth as it is in heaven....

It's not about what I want,
it's wanting what God wants for me,
...and that being enough.

The wisest man that has ever lived was King Solomon
He was also wealthy beyond any thing we could begin to imagine.
Yet he was not a content man.

He tried everything in order to find fulfillment.
He indulged in the things of the world, just as many do today, 
finding only temporary fulfillment.

He had many personal achievements, including the honor of building
God's temple. He built amazing homes, designed beautiful gardens.
He had all one would think, would allow him to truly enjoy his life.
In the end he found it all to be meaningless.

He  found the answer late in life,
he at last concluded the answer, was in obeying God.
Coming into obedience with God's will....

 For me true fulfillment comes in those 
times, when I'm aligning myself with God's will.
It's something I have to practice daily,
it's just so natural to want things my way......

Think of our world today, it's a world
 with many successful, highly educated people.
Yet there seems to be more dissatisfied people than ever?

Persons in a constant pursuit of pleasure without limits, 
 and regardless of the means to get there.

People trying to be filled by all the world has to offer.
Yet if you look into the eyes,
we will likely see very hungry souls.

His will is enough.
Obedience to it, is where we find  peace,
contentment, and fulfillment.

Are you like Solomon always searching for more?

I tried to find it out there in the world,
and like Solomon, I was without success.

Learning to repeatedly pray for His will in my life, 
in every situation.
It's enough.

Wishing you enough, it's what echos from my heart today......

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