Friday, September 6, 2013

A Bit of Rambling ~

A change of scenery,
often brings clarity.

I was going through some photos last night and came across this one of a train.
How I love trains....
Something about staring out the window as you become one with the gentle movement that
rocks you into a state of relaxation.
The mind is suddenly clear, thoughts usually jumbled have slowed to a rate that 
allows each to be given the attention it should have...

 I can remember the day I photographed this butterfly.
It had gently landed on the petals of this particular Canna.
Whenever I look at these petals I'm amazed how each appears
to be hand God.
This day the Monarch butterfly that was equally amazing with its perfectly
drawn shapes and angles, as it took the time to be quiet.
 As though it felt safe enough to take the time and take in the beauty of the petal .
I photographed this butterfly for a good half had no reason to rush off,
it had found somewhere that felt safe, 
beautiful and safe.

 Do you ever feel as though your passing through a forever tunnel,
missing all that that God has out there for us to take in?
To really take the created into sight, to take a moment to allow that state of wonder and awe?

Love to photograph tunnels...memories of Dad honking his horn as we past through :-)

Quiet and safe, so under rated... I can't seem to shake the need for quiet.
It's in quiet I find clarity.
I know I've blogged on this before...but here it is again
not to be ignored.

I can focus on what God is attempting to teach me...
somewhere in the quiet is where I hear Him best.
I hear Him on a train ride,
I hear Him in the beauty of His creations,
otherwise missed, but not in the quiet.

Today rather than trying to reinvent the wheel,
or solve the problems of the world,
neither of which are my job or responsibility.
(Think of the amount of time I have just given myself in this day)
I will spend some time with the quiet beauty surrounding me,
the stuff I miss when I remain in the tunnel.

Find your seat on the train,
some quiet time with your thoughts...
Take notice of all you may have been missing.
Release that which is not your job or responsibility.
Once you release the job, is when God can handle it for you...
but not until you release it.

Have a great Friday !
Done rambling :-)

Take a seat, and listen....its what echos from my heart today.


  1. I have never ridden on a train! I just realized that.....I simply must correct that soon!

  2. I remember riding the ride when I was a slip of a girl. I always got so excited.

    BEAUTIFUL post, Debi.

    I'm getting ready now for some quiet time.


  3. There is a lot to glean from this post from me. I have found myself since my mother's death 3 months ago keeping myself as busy as I can so as to NOT think or dwell or ponder too much. And yet, I think those quiet times with the Lord have definitely suffered as a result. Somehow I need to find that balance between being quiet before Him, and listening to His voice and direction, and mindless moving along. Hope you have a good week-end!