Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cat in the Hat and That Old Stand-by ~

Last week we had our oldest Grand kids for three days.
Always wishing for more days and more often...
Love to see their little transporters lined case we need to get out quick!

Daughter Jackie brought them down for us and I do believe she was looking forward to some 'Me" time. Khloe gets in another visit with her big cousins!

I love that as soon as they arrive the two questions
remain the same.

Can we play with the stuffed animals?
Can you get the blocks?
(The same blocks my son's once built forts with)

My den becomes the zoo/castle zone.

Julia our oldest Grandchild with her Grandpa.

When the second grandchild arrived
(her sister)
she started to ask him to hold her 
like he did when she was a baby.
I think she liked being the baby and didn't want it to stop.....

Julia:  Grandpa, I still remember what you promised me.
Grandpa: What's that Julia?
Julia: You said you would even carry me on my wedding day....

Aubrie is the middle of the three.

Our little comedian, can always
make us all laugh.
She loves animals and cares for her stuffed ones better than
most do the real thing!

Gavin, the youngest of the three, our oldest grandson.

Gavin loves  building, loves video games, 
and much to his Grandma's delight,
he loves NASCAR driver
 Dale Earnheart Jr.

Our movie for our first night.
We ordered pizza and Grandpa
surprised us all with Mango sorbet.
Grandma and the girls made brownies that day,
and we decided they would go well with Mango.
What don't brownies go good with?
The next day, while Grandpa and Gavin watched
the Transformer movie....

I took the girls for manicures.
Julia went for blue sparkles!

Aubrie went with purple sparkles :-)

They always look forward to manicures when they come down,
such a fun tradition started at the first sleep over adventure!
After nails, 
well, what else do girls do?

We went shopping.
Grandma bought all three of them new sweatshirts 
in their favorite colors.

That second evening when asked what movie they wanted to watch,
Yep, the choice was our favorite!

Showered, in p.j.'s and ready for the movie.

During the movie we each had our own miniature carton of ice cream.
Can't have a movie night with out ice cream.
Well, we could......
But why?

I took a lot of video this visit of them singing and dancing. 
Memories I'll have forever....

Grandpa made waffles, bacon and eggs in the morning
(a crowd favorite).

We end every visit with them coloring at the bar 
while Grandma gathers their bags to load into the car.

We get in the car, and head down the interstate.
"Grandma, can you play that frog on the log song"
I start the Raffi c.d.
(great c.d. for kids)
and so it begins.
We are all singing,

Ten green and speckled frogs 
sat on a speckled log,
eating some most delicious bugs,
yum, yum!
One jumped into the pool where it was nice and cool.
Then there were nine green speckled frogs.
Nine green and speckled frogs
sat.....Well you get the idea :-)

As we head on down the road we will continue to sing song after song.
I get to watch the joy on their faces when they recognize the next song, 
and when they get to their favorite part of a song they find funny.

Excited to see  Mommy!
Mommy, appears looking rested and excited to see her children.
We make the exchange, hugs and kisses
 and then we
head in opposite directions.

On the way home I begin to wonder what we will do next time were together....
I love being the Grammie!
This is what echos from my heart today..........


  1. Oh, how wonderful to have your grandchildren for a visit! I am praying it works out for my California Grands to come in June! I do miss them so.....and I've always told them that whatever we're doing, we're making memories! I hope they remember them as fondly as I do!

  2. Goodness gracious, Debi! How cute and sweet; just adorable all three! I'm so glad you all had a good visit. Nothing better in my book! :)


  3. The pictures are great, my babies are such hams :) Being a grammie is just another one of God's blessings He has bestowed on you...........I can't wait until its my turn (well I can wait but you know what I mean :D ). Love you XOXO

  4. It looks like the best of times over there. I love being a Grammy too!

  5. What a beautiful family God has blessed you with! They are so fortunate to have you and your husband in their lives. Loved all the pictures!