Friday, September 5, 2014

Fresh on Friday ~ Encouragement...

Sometimes we gotta let it out!

This has been a tough week....filled to the brim I am.
I'm over the heat like I'm over fat....over it.
I don't know if it's age...but it just doesn't agree with me like it used to...kinda like garlic :-)
My energy level has been low for a good two weeks, a constant  reminder of what I have done
to my lungs.
I had a cold, which once was never a big it's a very  big deal, another reminder
of what I've done to my lungs.
I rarely admit, but to my hubstir, it scares me.
What if this is the time I don't recover from it?
A daily worsening rather than, thus far of staying on an even keel.
So many what if's..try to keep them out.

I don't like going there in my thoughts, it's never good.
(I'm pray daily for my friend K.K.M. as she is trying to quit've got this!)
I let it out today because.....

Sometimes life seems to big to carry another moment.

The last two days have been rough.
My Sweet 86 year old Aunt Wilma is lying in a hospital under Hospice 1200 miles away, I'm here.
Here, wishing I hadn't canceled my flight in July to go visit her.
I know she is surround by people who love her to bits.
She's been a constant in my life since a very young age, never a me without her.
I generally go visit her every summer...until...I didn't.
I can't imagine Montana without her in it, I don't want to.
Though I know she is ready....those of us that love her aren't.
Love is selfish that way....
I let it out today because....

Sometimes life seems just to big to carry another moment.

I like many others are struggling with this dark beast they call ISIS.
Beheading people because of their faith?
Beheading American's...well, because they are Americans.
Beheading anyone who is not like them. Them....
Animals that walk on two legs, cowards with faces hidden.
Hidden from us, not from the One.....
Though they are many, they are few in comparison to those of us who are not!
My heart is heavy because I don't see enough action to stop them.
Fools believe it won't happen here is what I'm thinking.
Somebody better wake up!
I let it out today because....

Sometimes life seems just to big to carry another moment.

One of our Pastor's has been battling leukemia since February and hospitalized the majority of that time.
We have been praying for a bone marrow donor to save his life.
The donor was found in Germany, marrow transported here in the states.
I figure German bone marrows gotta be good and with German in us can be!
I have been so inspired by Pastor Mike as he has journaled his experience almost daily with us.
He is suffering, away form his family at times fearful  of what is to come... and then he reminds us always what God's Word says....and it's trusting God.
Yesterday the bone marrow transplant began....It's a long process, with many risks.
I've been through this with my friend Sandra when her sister Lu Lu went through the same.
I'm so sad he is having to go through blessed he has shared it with us....
He reminds me just how pretty I'm sitting in this world just now....
He reminds me, oh yes, you do this and here's how.

I let it out today....

Yet I'm reminded....reminded not by chance..... (thank you Julie Munchie Camel)
That I serve a big God, bigger than illness, bigger than ISIS, bigger than addiction.
The same God that will welcome my sweet Aunt when He calls her home....
Julie shared  this on her wall yesterday, it got my attention.

I let it out today because....
Sometimes life seems just to big to carry another moment.
It's in that same moment God reminds me He's got this, all of it.
I don't need to carry it at all.

I let it out today because....
Sometimes God uses other people to lift us up, to open our eyes, to remind us....

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with
all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.
Proverbs 3:5 

 But God......It's what echos from my heart today......


  1. Oh Debi so many of these thoughts are similar to mine last night and this morning. My younger sisters husband (63) was suddenly hospitalized yesterday with open heart surgery it seems looming in his near future, AFTER he gets over a major heart infection. My oldest granddaughter called me yesterday with her little heart broken after a bad break up and she's struggling with addiction and trying soo hard to beat that as well. My husbands boss was also suddenly hospitalized yesterday too with blood pressure of 280/110!! And on and on the list goes. I too it seems have a constant stream of physical limitations anymore that are always making their presence known. And then of course there are all the world wide problems and issues. My heart just aches for those who don't know Him as how on earth do they ever get along? Life is hard. My dependency on the Lord becomes stronger every day. Sorry to hear about all of your troubles too, but agree that sometimes you just need to let it out. We are told to bear one another's burdens and so He must know that sometimes we do NEED to just let it out. Praying for you today....HUGS

  2. Oh sweet friend... life is so hard sometimes. With our struggles - with watching our loved ones struggles - with seeing the evils of this world.
    Its when we need to rely on God even more...
    Saying a prayer for you today.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. I'm so sorry, Debi, for all the things you wrote about; your sweet aunt, the world troubles and I'm reminded that sometimes yes, we need to let it out.

    And, we need to let go, & let God. Our greatest hope is in Him.
    Love you.

  4. Oh, Debi, I so feel the pangs of your heart. I have felt the weight of the world often in recent years and HE has been faithful to walk me through, each step of the way. I pray HIS peace, power and presence cover you. Hugs!

  5. The world and our society problems trouble me daily. I don't even wonder that God is in control, I know He is, I sometimes wonder why He doesn't return to rid this world of evil, once and for all. I so want to be at peace with Him, in Heaven.