Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Minute ~ Menopause Twice?

Oh let me get this off my chest (again)...
I'm over the heat Southern California!
It feels as though I'm trapped in someone else's  menopause, it's just not right.
 I've finished my hot flash phase long ago who needs to experience it twice?
It was 79 degrees inside my house at 6:45 this morning...stop it!!
Nuff said.

We celebrated Ellery Grace's first birthday yesterday, how is that possible?

Namaw and Ellery

Katie, Ellery, Khloe and Mike

Pa taking Roo for a swim :-)

Going in for the bite!

Apparently she loved it !

Pa and I with Ellery, Khloe and grandson Gavin..

We were super excited to see our daughter Jackie and our oldest grands!

Jackie and Khloe

Pa was in heaven having time with these three :-)

Khloe loves our little Aubrie

Pa and Aubrie are very much a team ....

Our eldest grand daughter Julia and Pa...
Uncle Brian with little Roo...

Despite this look, she loved  it....

Really fun day catching up with many, watching all the kids have fun in the pool.....but man it was hot/humid....whoops nuff said.. (again).

My Sweet Aunt Wilma is still with us and surrounded by so many that love her. Not a moment goes by she is not in my thoughts. Praying for her to be pain free as she prepares for her heavenly reunion with so many she loved that have gone on before her...that gives me reason so smile.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Mike who is 4 days into life after bone marrow transplant. He is now in a very sensitive place as he is very open to infection, praying that doesn't happen.  Still a long road ahead, moment by moment trusting God.  So thankful for any who have been and continue to pray for him.

Going to do my best to enjoy this hot day... its' what echos from my heart today.


  1. It's still hot here too! Supposed to be 100 today.

    The birthday baby is precious and the party looks like so much fun. :)

  2. Someone else's menopause... that's funny...
    mainly because I haven't had to deal with hot flashes yet... it wont be so funny then :)
    love all the happy shining off family :)

  3. Oh I am soo with you on this heat!! It's just horrid out! Soo hot and humid! And yes, it was 78 here at 6 am this morning! Ok, enough about that, lol. Your little birthday girl is a little doll. And that cake of hers was darling, and obviously delish! Glad you got some time with all of those sweet little grands. Enjoy the rest of your week, and let's hope it cools off soon!

  4. I can't believe Ellery's one already! So cute.

    All the grands are adorable.

    Yeah, it's kinda hot here too. blech

    Prayers continue for your aunt and pastor, Debi.-

  5. You said it was 79 degrees inside your house. Oh, my! I assume you do not have a/c. I think I would die without a/c but I'm sure the weather there doesn't call for it too often.

    Cute, cute Grans for sure and what a fun celebration! Happy week!

  6. So sweet, your little Ellery & what a great cake!

  7. It is so good to step back into your life again, after being away for so long. I enjoyed having time to just visit here and read your echoes. Praying for you as you journey to Montana. I asked God to surround you all with His love and grace as you visit without your precious Aunt. The family pictures are beautiful!