Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So I'm a Gatherer!

How does this happen, how do I have so much...excess crud?

I just laid down to catch a quick 20-30 min. nap and my sister Deanna called....she was cleaning out and getting rid of her crud..
Cleaning her office, bedroom and bath.  I failed to tell her  what we obviously have in common is "failure to stick to one room at a time" syndrome....
We quickly discussed our excess..such as our.purses, I have 7 total...generally use 2 btw.
This after getting rid of about 4 or 5 less than a year ago...uggh....

After ending our conversation, I of course had to get up and get rid of something!
Nap will have to wait.....
Started with my top drawer in the bathroom.
Here's what I got rid of;
Approximately 9 lipsticks I never use, and I kept  5 and use it maybe twice a week!
I know that's bad but I rarely leave the house!
 Deanna told me once, just because you caught the fish you don't quit using the bait!
I will put more thought into that later.
I tossed, 11 partially used mascaras???What the what?  Like was I worried the world may discontinue making it and then what?
I put mascara on about twice a week :-(

I threw out lots of samples, foundation, perfume, photos of hairstyles I like....for my hair, often in a clip is how I roll most days. Don't judge, it's been a dang hot summer!
Gathered about 6 pkgs. of floss, different brands and sizes... 4 almost empty travel size toothpastes...
Three pedometers :-) I do walk occasionally but, I would only wear one people....
Five tubes of lip balm with sunscreen...it's too hot to wear one....
 This all from a drawer in a bathroom. Very bad.

A long time ago I took everything out from under my sink. If I had duplicate products I got rid of them and that felt good, I'm happy to say it still looks good.

I think I may hit my closet tomorrow...I'm a little nervous about that..  It seems I go through it every couple months thinking, "there can't be much this time" as I fill  3or 4 bags of donations...

I really don't need all I have..... I don't.
This crud collection is much like my thoughts.....too many I don't needs...cluttering my home and my mind!

Small confession... it's bothering my right this minute that I have over 14 eyeliner pencils in the draw I cleaned out, and that's after tossing at least 5...all approximately an inch long...really? I'm wondering why I kept 14? It's only of 4 shades but I only use two of those shades? (when I put it on smile~)

I suppose it's a stretch but stranger things have been discontinued, like my favorite blush when I was 17.
My favorite perfume at age 42ish, true story. Okay, with those there were others of both to choose from.
Perhaps its made me a bit paranoid of possible discontinued items. ( did you just say, ya think?)

Hey, they do not make Jordache Jeans anymore! Fact!

Too much excess and still wondering why, and never got back to that nap, it's what echos from my heart today..


  1. Oh mercy - I just had that conversation with my husband that if we started cleaning the nooks & crannies of the cabinets & drawers, it would be amazing the things we found ... & threw out... things we don't even need!

  2. LOL!
    You got me smiling, Debi.

  3. You're so funny! Do you still have your Jordache jeans? We were styling weren't we? You never know they might come back but they won't be the same.

  4. Oh Debi, I can so relate to this post!
    I had to laugh about the Jordache jeans-I wore them too.
    I hate to get rid od anything. what if we have a financial crash
    and I can't buy it anymore. Crazy, right?

  5. Oh, my, there's no telling all the crud I'm about to start getitng rid of when I start packing for our move next Spring. I truly do not know where it comes from. I think it multiplies over night. :o)) But, it does feel so good when I have a "cleaning out" spell.