Monday, September 22, 2014

Until ~

She was one of eleven children.
She faithfully sent nieces, and nephews, birthday cards (that's a lot of cards) each with a one dollar bill. 
When we reached a certain age the dollars omitted, the card still faithfully came to all of us.
She loved well, she lived her life fully.
She was full of humor and wit.
She loved God, and she is now in his presence.
How happy my parents must have been to meet her at the gate...oh, and her beloved, My Uncle Ray.
They were so in love....

My trip back to Montana was wonderful, all things considered.
Gathering with loved ones was so many cousins, so many childhood memories
that need reviewing each time were together.

The celebration of my sweet Aunt Wilma's life was so very special.  My cousins did an incredible job on all that it took to make it so!

 Above is the etching of the boat my Uncle and my cousin made....

Their wedding photo :-)

The 12th of September birthday of my Mom and my Aunt Marguerite her twin.  Several of us met for dinner to celebrate their birthdays which included some beautiful cupcakes! I think it meant a lot to my Aunt, who continues to remind us, " I always wanted a birthday of my own through the years, now I wish I had your Mom to share it with."  Just can't imagine the loss she must feel...

I spent sometime in downtown Bozeman where I was born.  I love it... it's such a beautiful town.  I feel so incredibly comfortable when I'm there... as if I belong.

Random photos from my trip ~

My sister Deanna and myself above :-)

This man played some beautiful  music for the  passerby's

My cousin Ray....also known as Santa to many every year ....

A final stop at the house of memories...once my Grand parents then my Aunt Wilma and Uncle Rays.

The back porch and cellar entry...this was the gathering place for our visits, so many conversations took place here...I can recall running down the "steep" incline off that cellar door as a seemed so much steeper back then.

Below a photo of what was they had hanging next to the door, if they missed you they would know you stopped by...I couldn't resist leaving one last note....

So many mixed emotions....all based on good things past and present..
Until we meet again Aunt Wilma...until.
The promise of reuniting in eternity, until then it will echo from my heart...


  1. Santa does exist! :)
    I'm glad it was a time of celebration for your Aunt
    Looks like lots of memories were shared, relived & new ones made...

    Until we all get to heaven...

  2. Oh, Debi. Your words always speak to the heart. I'm glad you made new memories with the loved ones you can't see all the time. I must have forgotten your mom had a twin. A lovely lady, and how nice that you could be there for her birthday.

    There really are mixed emotions, I can relate to when some of my relatives have passed over in W. FL - we truly do have to make these occasions a celebration of sorts. And, yes thank the Heavenly Father that we'll all meet up again some day. Glad you're back home safely.

  3. Ah, just nothing like "going home." It's always a special time to gather with family even though often the occasion is sad. So thankful you have such fond memories of your Aunt.

  4. Such sweet memories of a precious home going celebration!

  5. There are just some of our relatives who seem more special to us. Bozeman, Montana--my Daddy went out there hunting every fall. I loved it there, love all of Montana. This is truly a beautiful post and tribute to your Aunt. "When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be."

  6. What a wonderful celebration of her life! Soo glad you were able to have this precious time with them all even though the occasion was a sad one. But oh the hope we have! We WILL see our loved ones again, and what a celebration that will be!