Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday ~

Linking up with Rebeca Jo.
 Just a bit of what I'm thankful for.
I'm thankful that I am able to feel and recognize my emotions,
negative or positive.
There are those who are unable to do so for one reason or another.
I think it is something that needs to be practiced, the practice of turning a 
negative into a positive.
If having a difficult day what works for me is focusing on a positive emotion.
If worried I focus on the fact I serve a God of hope.
Looking at the sunset or a forest I can't help but be inspired by His creations, 
which makes me thankful.
If I'm having a bad day, I try and focus instead on some of my best days. 
In doing so my bad day won't overwhelm me.
It's then  becomes, a day that I won't allow to suck me into negative thoughts.

I'm very thankful to see marriages that are in crisis that are trusting God.
Something I failed to do so many years ago.
What a difference that would have made to my children.

I'm thankful for a little show called The Voice.
It allowed me to be in awe week after week of these amazing voices 
that had, up until the show been underutilized! 
Thankful that Sawyer won too!

It's interesting to me how much more aware I am of all that I have to be thankful for.
The simple practice of purposing to weekly write about such things.
 I can't help but see how full my life is, when I pour out my thanks for all that fills it!

It's what echos from my heart today......


  1. Sometimes its all you can do but to Trust God in a marriage... things get bumpy... gotta put the One in control front & center of the ride.

  2. You always know exactly what we need to hear/read. Amazing woman, that's YOU!


  3. Such a sweet post as are all of yours. There's enough negativity without we, as Christians, falling prey to it. Encouraging words!