Friday, May 8, 2015

Photo Memories of Mom ~

She left this world on Mother's Day 2012.

Mom has been gone three years now.
It seems like yesterday most of the time. 
 It feels much longer on the days I wish I could talk to her, the days I wish I could hug her. 

 Below is one of my favorite photos of her and her twin sister.  Mom is on the right, so cute I think.

Below is a photo of my eldest sister, her grand daughter,
Mom and myself.


The photos below are the most precious photos to me.
I think I post them every year......
 When Mom was staying with us for a time
she spent everyday reading to Khloe. 
 Khloe, like most children loved my Mom so much.

This was Mom's Birthday, Mickey Mouse themed of course :-)
She is with my great niece Ruby and Khloe.

This is my very favorite photo. I believe it was our last Christmas with Mom.
This photo is when we discovered Khloe had "Nanny Cheeks". 
As she grew she took on so many of my Mom's mannerisms, and attitude! 
Her Momma actually thought a baby photo of my Mom was Khloe :-)
The resemblance is funny sometimes, and I love when someone tells me she looks like Mom.
That has meant the world to me, it's like having a bit of my Mom with me still...
I miss her beautiful blue eyes.
I miss her soft tiny hands.
I miss her hugs, I wish I had given more of them :-)
The pain of her not being here just never seems to leave.
I'm so glad I was near her to the very end, being part of her every days.
Her living far from me would have made the loss so much greater....
I wish she were still just down the hall.

I will be thinking of my Mom this Mother's Day weekend.
My thoughts will be bitter sweet.
I miss her so, but she is now with Jesus and my Dad for eternity.
I know, she is happier than she ever was here in this world.

Happy Mother's Day Mom...
She echos from my heart everyday....


  1. Mothers Day is so hard for so many....
    I love pictures just for this reason - to hold memories

  2. I can see the love your mom had for all of you.
    Such a beautiful smile.
    Bless you, Debi.

  3. What a precious post Debi and I don't think we ever get over losing our Moms. But, thankfully, we have the joy of knowing that one day we will be reunited forever and ever. Blessings to you this Mother's Day!

  4. You know of course how much I identify with this post...right down to my mom had her stroke on Mother's day two years ago. She passed away a few days later. It isn't something we recover from I have found...just find a way to move on until we see them again. LOVED all your pictures. Many blessings to you on Mother's Day!

  5. Tears are running down my cheeks right now. Oh my goodness, your love and admiration seep out of every single word and every gorgeous picture of your dear mother. What a lady she was, and what a loving, caring, and giving daughter she raised.
    Happy Mother's Day! You are carrying on in an admirable fashion!

  6. What a beautiful post and a lovely tribute to your mother. Years ago, my mother also went to be with Jesus and I still miss her so very much. Your post truly touched my heart because I know you miss your mother so dearly, too. Warm hugs and Happy Mother's Day to you.

  7. Sigh. My mother died at age 53--I have missed her every day since.

  8. What alovely tribute to your mom. Such good memories and photos!