Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thankful Thursday ~ Full of Thanks I Am!

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It's thankful Thursday, by taking the time to say what you are thankful for,
 you will become more aware of how good you have it!!

~ Super thankful for Jennifer. Jennifer is in her mid thirties and Momma to her young son Brady. Jennifer is also a breast cancer survivor with an amazing attitude. Not long ago her cancer returned and appeared in other parts of her body. Once again she braved the treatments which resulted in no sign of cancer.She was recently having discomfort and like most survivors thought the worst, the return of this horrible disease. After having a scan  done she later received the news it was clear! It's been reported there was some "dancing in the streets" that took place. Very thankful she trusts a great big God, and gives him the glory in the good news.
Jen is a regular on Bob and I's prayer list, we think she's quite special. It would mean so much if you were to add her continued good health to yours!

~ Thankful Mike and Katie are moved into their new home, kitchen is coming together, cabinets were installed Monday, granite completed today, sink installed.  It is really coming together for them, looks like home :-)

~Thankful to hear we have a chance of rain!!!!

~Thankful for the chance to be treated to lunch by my sister Dona, and for a chance to hug her again.....

~ Thankful that I'm able to lead a group in organizing our Single Mom/Military Wives brunch which is this Saturday at Church. We treat them to a lovely breakfast, a speaker to encourage them, and the best is blessing them with the gift of gift cards that are donated by members of our church.  It's a ministry close to my heart for sure!

~I'm thankful and blessed that I was asked to continue to lead the planning of our Women's fall retreat again this year. A big job that would not be a successful with out the most awesome group of women that are eager to help make it special.  We have begun the planning and I'm so excited! I'm most thankful for my partner in crime, Snicker (Lori) who is my rock from start to finish in making sure this all comes together..
She's the organized one and the queen of crafty :-) 

~In fact, I'm so very thankful for Lori, she adds to my joy, listens to me whine, lifts me up, prays for me, makes me laugh and ensures I have an oil for every need!! I love her to bits

~Thankful still, for everyday I get to care for Khloe and Ellery..... it never gets old, just keeps getting better.

  Hoping you create a habit of thankfulness, 
you'll be glad you did!

It's what echos from my thankful heart today.....


  1. I so love when God changes diagnosis ... He's the Great Physician!!!
    Its funny I was thankful for sun & you are thankful for a chance of rain :)
    Thanks for linking up again sweet lady!

  2. It sounds like you have some really special people in your life. That proves that you are so very blessed.