Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thankful Thursday ~ Even for Feta!

It’s the attitude of gratitude that is most important and life-changing.

Linking up with Rebecca Jo for Thankful Thursdays!

Thankful for ~

~My oldest son Mike who turned 38 on Monday.
(wondering how that math can be right)
My DIL had to work so I had he and the girls for dinner.
I surprised him with a meal he has been asking for,
hope your ready for was a childhood meal :-)
On the menu
Velveeta shells and cheese served with Kielbasa and blueberry muffins.
For dessert brownies that Khloe and I made.
He was happy! Khloe was proud to deliver dessert.

~Thankful my hubby has 8 working days left!

~Thankful our friends George and Lynn will be house sitting  again while we
are on our vacation.  Makes all the difference in being gone for long periods.

~Thankful we are expecting a good rain tonight and tomorrow!

~Thankful this Friday is book club....The book is 

Book club isn't really so much about the books.
It's about being with a group of women I love, 
a place we can be authentic with each other. 
It's why were still together....
Then there is the pizza and wine......

~Thankful for Pastures of Eden feta cheese from Trader Joe's.....
it's so good that after crumbling into a dish you would never, ever wash
the remnants off your hands.  You will want to suck each finger of any that didn't
make it in the dish.  SWEAR! Try it and see.....

~ Thankful I am able to, hear, and sense the changes in someone special to me.
One's life changing in so many positive ways, by trusting God.
If we're fully trusting there's no giving up!
Evidence God it faithful, and he hears our prayers.
He is the God of hope.
Yes thankful I am!!

To those who believe......
It's what echos from my heart today


  1. Happy Birthday to your son!!!
    MMMM... I now want some mac & cheese :)
    Thanks for linking up with me lady!

  2. Happy Birthday to your baby boy! I agree, the math gets harder to believe each year. lol
    We had kielbasa last night, but with pierogies. YUM!
    Hoorah for book clubs! I'm only in one on Facebook right now, but I love it. We started out reading the same book every month, but have totally given up on that. We all just read what we want and share or not as the mood strikes plus there are always lots of great posts about reading, books, being a bookworm, etc.

  3. So much we all have to be thankful for.
    I always enjoy reading the things you are thankful for.
    So glad that we are friends, and that we are both
    believers. You're such a blessing to me, Debi.

  4. Happy birthday to your son! My middle son is 38 as well. I love when I offer to cook them a meal for something special that they chose an old childhood favorite! lol That's the second time today that book has been mentioned in my readings. It has intrigued me. 8 more exciting! Yes, soo much to be thankful for. I LOVED listening to the rain today!

  5. Your son's birthday sounds neat. I love that you made his childhood dinner for him. How sweet!

    That feta sounds pretty good too.

  6. Our oldest daughter will be 38 on her birthday too. Wishing your son a belated "Happy Birthday"! That must have been a good year, and it also makes me feel old to have a child that age:) What a fun meal you made for him!

    I like your thankful heart and the list you shared. It inspired me today.