Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Minute ~

First weekend with the hubstir back home...
He's been working in the yard doing a lot of transplanting..
nice to have him home.
I was very thankful for the most beautiful weather ever to watch him work in.
This week is suppose to bring 80's at the beach :-)

I'm finding it crazy how fast time is going as I get older...seriously fast!
If only my weight came off  as fast...bothersome.....
I'm determined to be wearing my closet full of the wrong size clothes :-)
by July......

Looking forward to Easter at my sister Deanna's....
catching up with my friend Beth Mary for a couple fun nights!

Mostly I'm looking forward to flowers every where :-)

Have a great week!'s what echo's from my heart today.


  1. Glad he's back home and all is going well. We really have been having some beautiful weather huh? Enjoy your week!

  2. It is so good to be back visiting blogs again. I missed you, although I still found myself praying for Joseph and your family whenever you came to mind. Yes, I would be so happy if the pounds came off as rapidly as I find myself turning each calendar page:)

  3. Oh, Debi, please send us some of that pretty weather. We had so, so much rain yesterday that I thought we might need to build an ark. And, it's still so cool.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  4. Did you gain winter weight too? It does seem to get harder to lose the older I get!
    Enjoy your time with your sis and friend, and hubby of course.

  5. Your weather and having your husband home sounds wonderful. :)

    I just laughed at you talking about weight and the calendar. It's so true!! I have a closet full of the wrong size clothes too. How does that happen? Who switches them?

  6. I can hardly blame dental surgery for my ice cream craving. That is truly my downfall. :)

    No doubt in my mind, you look beautiful with or without a little weight.

    So glad hubby is home, and praying that Joseph is still doing well.