Friday, April 11, 2014

Fresh on Friday ~ Be Encouraged Son....

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Last night as I watched the evening news, I saw a young man who lost both of his legs
in the Boston Marathon bombings.
He's lost both his legs.
It's been very hard work, but today he is walking again!

He was alive and he was determined....

He life completely changed that day, initially thinking he was going to die.
He is now about to be married with a baby on the way.

He is happy, and thankful.

He is looking forward to all of his tomorrows, with a child he has not yet met.

He is excited about life again.

Be encouraged Joseph Horton,
you can do this!
The same praying people that got you this far,
are going to get you the rest of the way.

love you, Smom

The long haul, it's what echos from my heart today....


  1. I've seen that story and a few others from that bombing that are so encouraging. Some people have so much resilience!!

  2. I'm sure when your Joseph sees stories like this, he is encouraged also. Still praying for him.

  3. there is nothing quite as encouraging as success stories like this! Joining in praying for strength for Joseph for the long haul! Enjoy your week-end. It is suppose to cool down some...yay!

  4. I saw that too and was so encouraged in general that someone who suffered so much can be so joyful! Continuing to pray for your Joseph!!

  5. Oh, stories such as that are so, so encouraging but I'm sure the way gets mighty dread at times. Praying Joseph can stay on top of the dread and look toward the prize.

    Always a joy to stop by! Blessings!