Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hodgepodge Wednesday ~

1. April 22nd is Earth Day. Are you inspired by nature? In what way?
Nature absolutely inspires me.  It inspires me to think of the creator
and what He has placed before us to be responsible for. 
Nature = A calming peace

2. Down to earth, four corners of the earth, move heaven and earth, not have an earthly chance, or salt of the earth...which earthly idiom have you most recently encountered? Explain.
Down to earth, it's always important to me that I remain so.
Down to earth people, I seek them out!

3. Share one piece of advice you might give a newly engaged couple.
Marriage takes an effort of some kind, EVERY day.

4. When did you last engage someone to perform a job, task, service, home repair, or improvement? On a scale of 1-10 (ten being the best) how would you rate their work and/or your satisfaction with the job or service provided?
A wonderful friend, Blair , a firm 10, installed molding in our bathroom.
 He is a perfectionist, and we love him.
(We still owe him a dinner out .....)
Seriously a very talented  carpenter.....highly recommend! 
I have his number :-)

5. When did you last find yourself engaged in small talk? Are you awkward or an expert or somewhere in between?
Saturday evening at my sister's surprise problem.
However there for sure are times it can be awkward.. 

6.  What was the last historic place you visited?
The Mission in San Luis Obispo

7. The world would be a better place if we just__________________________.

                        If we just ___
  Loved each other despite a differing of opinions. 
Realized, Pride keeps us from true happiness.
  Quit blaming others for our own bad behavior.
 Recognized that apologies go a long way.
Truly realize in all situations, tomorrow is not promised.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Asking you be praying for Joseph who has some life changing
choices to make.  Praying he has clarity and peace with those choices.
He's been through so much already, I'm so proud of him for hanging in there!

Thankful for family, it's what echos from my heart today.....


  1. I'm thankful for you, Debi as I find you to be down to earth, and I always love coming here to see what's on your mind.

    It seems you have a way with words that are encouraging to all of us.

    Prayers continue for Joseph.


  2. loved your answer for number 7...soo true! Still praying for Joseph.

  3. Oh, I so agree, to be referred to as "down to earth" is such a compliment.

    I was just thinking about Joseph and so glad you referred to him in this post. Praying for him to clarity of mind as he makes this life changing choices. That's tough!

    Blessings to you!

  4. You know what Debi? I like when you answer questions like you do. It lets me learn to know you better and how you think. I often think about Joseph and wonder how he is doing. I will keep praying for him and all his family. I cannot imagine how rough it has been for him with all he has been through. Thanks for sharing! I think you are a down to earth person, and that is why I find it fun to read your blog.