Tuesday, February 4, 2014

An Occasion to Look Back ~

This Thursday I'm heading to Vegas!
I'm not so much a fan of Vegas, but I am a huge fan of the 
special people I will be spending three days with!
My eldest sister Deanna (top left) has coined us,

The Core Four.

Front row, cousins Dona Dee and Shelly.
Photo taken July of 2013

Dona is coming from Iowa, Shelly from Washington.
Deanna and I will fly out of Long Beach California.
My cousin Shelly has graciously offered up her time share for 
a little, but much needed cousin time.
Dona's Mom was my Mom's older sister.  Dona came to California after
the loss of her sweet Mom, my Aunt Edna.  She lived with us for a short, but special time.
With her came the best Barbie stuff and some cool fashion, the "angel tops"....
She fit in perfectly with our family....she became another sister.
Dona lost her incredibly sweet husband in July of 2013 very unexpectedly.
She has been such a great example of a woman of faith, trusting our God in all the moments.
She always has inspired me with her tender, loving spirit. 


My cousin Shelly, she is daughter to my Mom's twin sister.
Shelly's Dad, my Uncle Milt, was like a brother to my Dad.  They always enjoyed
time together, and had a strong connection as to life with one of the twins :-)
My Uncle Milt passed away several months after we lost my sweet Dad.
It was in the knowing of what it was my cousins and Aunt had ahead of them that
drew me nearer to my cousin Shelly and her family. Though we were often together
at some point in the summers of our youth...the strongest bond came much later in life.


My sister Deanna and I were never particular close in childhood. For me, it was for no particular
reason other than we were just so polar opposite of each other.
Deanna happened to be in the chair sitting next to me in my Dad's hospital room on the night
in 2008 that we almost lost him. It was the longest 8 to 10 minutes or so of our lives as we watch
a crew of medical staff assist Dad. 
  It was something we shared at last....it was big
and it would never be forgotten.


 Bonds often grow strongest in the tough
times in life and in loss...

I admire and look up to all three of these strong, wise, loving, sweet women.
I'm looking forward to lots of visiting, crying, laughing, and loving.
To the stories of our youth, we are sure to go there!
Praying that we lift each other up, just where each one needs it.

Stay tuned, ....this one time in Vegas.....!

Three special women are what echos from this full heart today!


  1. I know you're going to tremendously enjoy your time together!!! Love you friend...

  2. Oh I just know this is going to be a WONDERFUL time. Nothing like times like this! Enjoy!

  3. How wonderful! Blessings abound to be sure.


  4. Oh, I can't wait to hear about this most special visit. Yes, you are so right, often the hardest situations in life are what create the strongest bonds! Blessings abundant!!!