Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When Dreams Blend Into Reality ~

Tuesday started very early for me today.
It was 2:00 A.M when the chirping started,
are you kidding me, I thought. I suppose it would have been wise
to change the batteries in the smoke alarm Jan. 1 as "they" suggest.

I tried to sleep through it...it wasn't happening.  Bob was sleeping in the guest room
so my coughing didn't keep him awake.  I decided I would stagger out to the living room and 
sleep what's left of my morning on the couch.  Pillow and blanket in hand I almost get to the 
couch and the chirping!  Apparently the alarm nearest the living room is ready for new life as well. 
Back to bed I went...one pillow under my head one on top to silence the chirp. When unable
to sleep I do the usual, start praying for people I've got on my radar for prayer, before you know it....

I'm walking down the road and come upon and abandoned makeshift boat...
dry docked on a bed of boulders. I make my way up the rocks and find myself "on board". 
I look around and realize I'm looking down a beautiful valley to the waters far below.
I hear the birds faintly chirping....
Then I hear, "hey, off that boat, we aren't ready to use it yet!"
Ummm....it was Moses coming down a long driveway toward me.
Next thing I remember is a bright light (heaven bound?)....
The chirping is louder and I sense I'm not alone....
I began to come to my senses and lift the edge of the top pillow....
there is a naked fireman on a ladder in my room attempting to save the birdie (stop the chirping)
not a pair of suspenders in sight!!

You weren't expecting a photo of the fireman were you?

Awake now, I know the hubstir fresh out of the shower has come to my rescue.
I remember thanking him a couple of times, so very thankful for the dead bird removal of the alarm.
As I drift back asleep I recall thinking,
Moses, you won't be needing that boat, you'll be parting that there sea!
I know.....but it's how it happened.......
An early Tuesday morning is what echos from my heart today....

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