Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rain Has Arrived!


As I sit here at this early hour of the morning sipping my coffee,
yes, I do believe it has just begun to rain.
A much needed rain for us in Southern California.
So thankful for any rain we are about to receive, reports indicate that
it will be a large amount over the next several days.
Lord, let that Doppler Radar be accurate this one time!

Rain washes away the unlovely.
The dirt and grime that gathers over time, somehow unnoitced by the 
ones carrying it's weight....
until the rain comes.
If we look we can see it leaving us... often times leaving us 
surprised it was there at all.
If we stand before God and allow the needed cleansing,
all will be washed away.
  Leaving us to start fresh again.
Free from the dirt, the unlovely,
the past that continually gathers, clings to us.

Lord help us to be aware of what we have allowed to
grab on to us and take hold and travel into our tomorrows.
As the rains come let it be a reminder that we can't live
this life carrying all the crud along with us.

Let it run off,
purpose to release it,  leaving us clean again,
to start every day brand new.

Let it's what echos in my heart today....


  1. Good morning! Isn't is a lovely sight and sound? Raining ALL night here! YAY! Thank you Jesus! Enjoy your day!

  2. When everything is so dry, one just has to be overjoyed with the gift of rain. I heard the forecast and thought of you. So very happy for you. I liked your thoughts in this post. What a insightful person you are!

  3. Beautiful post, sweet Debi!

  4. So glad you are getting rain! I know y'all need to terribly and we do too. I hope some of it comes our way. We are only allowed to water every two weeks now. I'm really worried about this summer when it's 100+ degrees.