Monday, February 10, 2014

A Strand of Four ~

Returned home yesterday from my Vegas trip with the Core four :-)
Loved our little guard dog waiting for us in our room.

My sister Deanna came with room decor of hearts...
perfect for this cousin weekend.

Dona Dee, Shelly and Deanna below....on our way to our first show.

So keeping in the Four theme.....we loved the Jersey Boys
a.k.a Four Seasons! Highly recommend this show, sure to take you back
in time to the days of our youth.

Paris (of course)

Fountains at The Bellagio

Dona Dee and Shelly went to the grocery store :-)

 This Ferris Wheel outside our hotel, each bubble is capable of holding thirty people?

Caught the reflection of the Ferris Wheel in our hotel window...

Year of the horse!

Beautiful work of art at the registration desk at the Bellagio...

 Below photos of the garden at the Bellagio Hotel
It was so beautiful....

We soon learned anyone can rent a costume and walk the streets to make money.
Stop for a photo with them and they expect payment, I chose to be paparazzi instead....

Dona, myself and Shelly, they were dubbed the sweet cousins :-)

We had to hit one mall....

 Below is the inside of the mall.  On the half hour the sky darkens
and thunder rolls as rain falls from above into the creek below.
It was a great excuse to sit outside Ben and Jerry's with ice cream 
as we waited for the rain.....

Hello Kitty lives in Las Vegas.....

Our second night we got tickets to Cirque Du Sole', Love.
That would be the Fab Four, The Beatles. 
This show over stimulates the brain from start to finish.
 Lots going on, amazing acrobatics and choreography..
the music isn't bad either! :-) 
The $5.00 bottle of water was over rated...
thanks Shelly!

After the show we stopped at Margaritaville for a bite to eat
and a couple frozen Margaritas ! 

This young man making balloons was so entertaining, he had us laughing
from start to finish! 

 Funny story, he put mine on my head before I could see what it was.
I kept asking my cousin Shelly (over loud music) "what is it?"
And she kept saying, " OMG"  and I kept asking, "but what is it?"
Maybe you had to be was funny at the time :-)

My cousins and sister enjoying a little dancing with the nicest, funniest
young men in the place...I was very entertained.

 Deanna and I being goofy.....

 The candy store at the Beligio...oh my......

Chocolate's dripping from the ceiling!!

 Dinner out on our last night at Lawery's Prime Rib ~

Our adorable waitress Ms. O'Brian making the house Spinning Salad...she is 
drizzling the dressing into the spinning bowl in this photo...
For those that watch Downtown Abby....this set off some speaking with
English accents for the next couple of hours :-) 

Below is how they serve your meal...the chef brings the Prime rib and the sides in this cart.
  Cuts your meat as you order... four  cuts to choose from...

Four Desserts were chosen :-) 

Below the hot fudge sundae (I announced I would not be sharing)

Deanna's Creme bulee'

Shelly's Toffee Pie 

Dona's Key lime pie....

We couldn't get over the fact we were all together, and had all this time to visit.  We had great talks everyday, more laughs than we ever imagined!  Deanna had a little theme going of Keep Calm, every morning and evening, a time meant to encourage, and it did. We each had a swag bag that she provided with something new to add to it twice a day!  Keep Calm and Shine On journals, Keep Calm and eat cupcake Pink coffee mugs, just to name a couple items.
We sensed this was going to become an annual thing, and we have decided on San Luis Obispo for 2015!
I'm already looking forward to it! 
I returned home with an even stronger love for each, and an even stronger awareness as to the importance of strong family bonds, a four core strand in this case.

Blessed, incredibly blessed is what echos from my heart today....


  1. Your photos beautifully captured a wonderful trip. I can't imagine when we will laugh that much again. Pure delight!

  2. Love the photo's. So glad you had a great time. :)

  3. omg (lol) everything about this just squeels laughter, fun, and wonderful memories. What a fun, perfect thing to do. Your right, your blessed indeed. Glad you got to do this!

  4. And my Debi lived up to and surpassed the impressions I have carried of her in my heart all these years... a tender heart, always caring, gutsy (courageous), real, fun and funny, brilliant, sentimental, and loving... always loving! Thank you, my Debi, for photo journaling our amazing, special time together! Can't wait for the next time together! Love you always... Dona Dee.

  5. Oh, this brought back such great memories for me. My last trip to Vegas was two years ago and we stayed at the Bellagio. I have shopped both of those places many times and love it. What a fun, fun time you all had and your pics were awesome. Oh, and we saw The Beatles - Love and The Jersey Boys. I like the other Cirque shows much better. Happy week!

  6. This is one of the best posts ever! I always wanted to see inside pictures of the Bellagio, and now I did, thanks to you. You all are such pretty ladies! It looked like so much fun to do all that you did, and all that you ate. I loved every picture! Thanks so much for sharing your fun and the beauty you experienced, with us.

  7. WOW! It looked like so much fun. The four of you all look fabulous.