Monday, December 16, 2013

December Part One ~

Time is just flying by this month!
Everyone saying it's due to a late Thanksgiving....
Okay....but seriously fast!

We've had a busy December thus far....

I took a trip about 90 min. north to my sisters home for a couple days.
Khloe rode up with me and we connected with her Momma while there..

 Khloe learning to throw the dog toy for Auntie Deanna's dog Cookie to fetch...
she thought it was something that he chased after it....

 We bought Khoe a little Charlie Brown tree...
beeps (birds) are the ornaments of choice ....

 Khloe loved her Rudolph a favorite song :-)

My sister Dona bought Khloe a treasure chest of dresses :-)

Ellery Grace 

The Women's Christmas event at was an awesome evening...

 Brunch with my siblings and families...

Sister Dona and I :-)

Great niece Ruby Lu

 Ruby's Daddy and her sister Minnie

 Khloe and her cousin Ruby


 Sneaking food.....

 Sister Deanna with her grands Ruby and Minnie and my Khloe....
 Niece Amanda

 Minnie :-)
 Ruby and Khloe testing out Khloe's new sleeping bag.

 Dress up......

These little dresses are dipped, I tell you, dipped in glitter.....
It now appears a fairy has exploded in my home :-)

We took a trip to San Diego's Wild Animal Park,
Ellery en route :-)

 Khloe now potty trained...her special treat for doing so has been pony rides, 
on this day she chose a Zebra....
Now when she goes potty she requests, Zebra rides!

Daughter in law Katie holding Ellery 

Namaw and Khloe ...

It was a beautiful and chilly day....
today...we are 80 degrees...crazy!

We also attended a luncheon put on my our financial adviser out at one of the wineries which was
really nice. 

Had a lovely dinner the other night with some great friends....
something we hope to do more of in 2014!

I've done some baking with Khloe and her Momma, and doing some more today.

Next weekend is a Christmas party with a bunch of co workers from a job long ago...we 
still make a point to have a Christmas party every year  even though only two of the group still 
work there....great great friends :-)

Time is going so fast I haven't had a chance to really
photos will have to do for now.
I hope you're all well and not allowing the business of this season get to you....
deep at a time :-)


Staying in touch echos from my heart today!


  1. OH MY have certainly been busy and have some wonderful, wonderful pictures capturing all the moments and memories you are making. So glad you are enjoying it all...Our weather is crazy huh? From quite cool for us to in the 80's...Only in California.

  2. Debi
    The girls all looked adorable in their holiday finery!
    It looks like a lot of family fun there in California.
    God is truly good!

  3. Love the photo's - everyone in your family look happy,
    and the babies are adorable.

    Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Christmas, Debi

  4. Oh, my goodness, what wonderful pics and what cute, cute kiddos!! So glad to hear from you and thoroughly enjoy the pics. Enjoy the season and blessings abundant!

  5. Most special! Love all the kiddos decked out in their finery! Like the red-nose on Kloe :)

  6. What joy this added to my morning, seeing every single picture and being given the privilege of stepping into your family's fun and celebrations. The pictures are so well captured! You have been given the cutest little ones. The pictures of you are so pretty!
    Thank you for sharing your blessings with us.