Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Props of Life ~


prop someone/something up

provide support or assistance for someone or something that would otherwise fail or decline:foreign aid tends to prop up incompetent governments
It's Christmas Eve and I'm enjoying my morning coffee thinking about
those in my life that are not with me today.
My parents also known as Marge and Ray, Nanny and Pop, Chuck and the Old Skate :-)
They provided me with much assistance and support through the years.
My siblings who were always with me on Christmas Eve, now celebrating each with their own families.
My oldest son and his family are spending Christmas in Michigan this year,
I'm taking this time hour by hour....it's tough to think of them elsewhere.
They provide me with, among other things, two grand daughters that fill me with joy
no  matter the errors of this world....
I will have my youngest son this evening, and he and his girlfriend as well as two of our
friends joining us on Christmas Day, I can't wait!
So what do we depend on when what were used to is gone?
Are we then alone?
 Not this girl....

I'm experiencing a more complete dependence on Christ,
it is He after all that forever props me up, provides assistance when I might otherwise fail.
I may not have all of those I love this Christmas Eve, as I have become accustomed to in my life...
but I do have someone who is always with me.
Jesus....the reason for this season.
Above is a manger scene in a shoe box, my oldest son made it in 2nd grade
that I display every year. :-)
Jim McGuiggan, wrote;

Hmm, something to ponder, no?
Consider what he writes,
" When we have no other props-like "sufficient" money in the bank, paid up insurance, a steady job,
better than good health, a devoted family, and loads of friends- we then discover just how assuring
Christ can be.  My guess is that we rely on these other fine blessings from God,
 and thus they work us harm.
Wasn't it the Christ who said that the eye or the hand or the foot might sometime offend us?
These fine blessings from God might have to be put from us before we really enter into life-not just hereafter, but now!
With all the lovely props all gone or nearly gone we will be thrown back onto the Christ as our 
solitary means of support.  Maybe then we''ll find, as countless thousands through the years have found, that Christ  is altogether grand and comes to mean more to us than before.
With the props gone, we have the opportunity to rejoice with joy inexpressible and glorious".

Hoping you each have the gift of a true relationship with Jesus, 
when all props are gone, know that He is always present.
He is the present !
Regardless of your beliefs, surrounded with loved ones or not, 
I wish you  a Merry Christmas !!

Thoughts of my family are what echo in my heart today.....


  1. Merry Christmas, Debi. We all have so much to be thankful for.
    We have a new baby this Christmas. All is well.

  2. Merry Christmas Debi!
    Enjoy your time with your son and friends.

  3. My heart so identifies with yours. I have found it hard as my kids have married and aged to realize that I have to share....and I don't always respond the way I should. And yet, you are just so right. No matter WHAT the circumstances, or WHERE we are, or HOW we are feeling, He is there. Loving us and providing honestly ALL we need. Wishing you and yours a very blessed and joyous Christmas!

  4. Missing you, too, sister. Old traditions die hard, but forging new ones is good, too. Here's to being content in every circumstance. Xo

  5. What a "spot on" post!!! Yes, life does change and especially when our kids grow up. We will not even have Christmas until Friday evening because our daughter from Kansas cannot get here until then.

    Oh, I've certainly had some times in my life, especially this past year, that all the props were gone and HE was all I had. So thankful for that.

    Blessings to you!

  6. Challenging, thought provoking, and so true. I was faced with these thoughts myself this Christmas. Taking time to see what really is most important, and then thanking God for his gifts and blessings even when it all did not go as I may have wished. Great post my friend!

  7. Love this hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Circumstances change...and traditions change...but God never changes. He is always present! We were most aware of that this Christmas!

    Christmas 2013 is over...and I'm trusting you had a most blessed time with family and friends.