Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who Needs a Hug?

I'm a huger to be sure.
A hug can mean many things.
A hug is perfect for every occasion.
A hug, what some people wouldn't give for one.
Hard to explain but I can usually tell if someone needs a good hug.

Husband hugs are good when we have shared a blue day,
they don't know what to husbands...insert hug here..
When you can't fix the problem when you have no words,
we just want to be heard and then a good hug will make it better.

Hugs from your children.
Nothing like them, especially if given just to apparent reason.
Hugs from a grandchild
there are no words.

I'm a firm believer husbands and wives should hug daily,
can't think of a reason not too....

When I connect with friends and family
begins and ends with hugs all around!

When someone is hurting I nice hug brings such comfort.
It speaks I'm feeling your pain.
It says I'm here for you.
I care.

Sometimes providing a hug to someone is the last thing you would want to do.
They've upset you, hurt you....and after all they never hug you!
In my hugging opinion....all the more reason to give them a hug.
It says no matter what, I love you.
No matter what, you matter to me.
 They say hurting people hurt can you hug
the one that has hurt you,
because they're hurting?
Hug that hardened heart daily and see if it doesn't begin to
soften around the edges....

Happiest day for me thus far into 2013,
the image I will not soon forget of
my Sweet Beans hugging a photo of my Mom....
See, even witnessing a hug can bring comfort :-)

This is why the last thing I say when commenting on  other
 blogs is,

Encouraging you to hug, is what echos from my heart today.


  1. I'm a hugger too! You're the sweetest! My poor husband hasn't known what to say during this "stuff" with my oldest and its hard for him because he's a problem solver. I'll tell him all he has to do is hug! :)

  2. I grew up in a family where hugs were often given. I live now with my own family and hugs are a real part of our lives. I appreciate this post, and think there are many people in our lives that would love to just have one hug. Good reminder, and I do like how you sign your comments with a hug. It is an endearing part of your visits.

  3. I am a hugger too...and love a good hug...My son-in-law is the greatest hugger glad you stopped by Jack is much better

  4. My childhood family? Not huggers at all. The first time I remember my mom hugging me was when my brother died in l998. But me? I love to hug, and love to be hugged. You always write from you heart, Debi, and I have so much respect for the person you are.