Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who's Hungry for More?

Went to feed the ducks at a nearby lake yesterday with my Sweet Beans and her Momma and Daddy.

The ducks weren't much interested in the bread that was being offered.
So after several throws it was clear to
Miss Sweet Beans the ducks weren't eating it.....
she was willing :-)

So this morning while looking at the photos I thought of spiritual food, 
and the many who have never tasted it...

God's Word is our spiritual food.
It is offered to all yet many have never read 
the book of many authors that penned His Inspired Words.

I find it interesting that those who have no interest in the food
He offers,
are the same one's that will pray to Him for help in a time of need.

I've had Bibles as long as I can remember, 
used to look up a verse now and again.
I had never really spent time reading it, 
the best selling history book ever!

It's sad to say I was well into adulthood before I really gave it a good read.
I was surprised that I was very interested and didn't want to stop reading.
It was a "page turner" to be sure.

In reading the instructions God left us, I learned of His character 
and I began to change...
It became a part of my every day... spiritual food offered to me,
 always wanting more.
I was willing to be fed from God's Word
I realized not only how important it was,
but how much fuller my life became...

We can sit on the dock and like the others refuse the bread (of life)

we can be willing to partake
be full always.

Why continue to swim around  the same pond 
never really at peace and ignore 
the One food freely given to us.?
God's Word, an ingredient your life's diet is missing.
All the while wondering why you are never really full.
Ask yourself how long you will continue swimming in the same old circle.
Want life to change?

Hoping your hungry ...
The food is available, all you have to do is be willing to be fed.....
Thankful I was hungry and willing to be fed.
Full of His peace, is what echos in my heart today.


  1. What an important message echoing from your heart today. The analogy is so good. Hunger drives us to food, spiritual hunger drives us to God via His Word. Your heart radiates God and His love. Thank you for sharing this Truth.