Monday, February 11, 2013

Listen Up!

if I could learn to be a better listener.

the word is used in many ways.

I suppose the simplest of course
is to hear sound, voices....
to hear or to pay attention
to understand.
I start out listening and my mind then starts to wander.
Not because what someone is saying isn't important.
I seem to have too much going on in my thoughts.
I strive to shut down all those thoughts
I strive to have that peaceful
easy feeling...
So the Eagles termed the phrase
doesn't mean I can't strive for it.

Many weeks ago I had a visitor and I confess
during our visit, there were times when they were speaking
  I was distracted with my thoughts of, rather I was going 
to have time to get dinner done prior to an evening appointment.
Obviously they weren't getting the attention 
they should have received :-(

I really want to learn to be a better listener.
I know I'm capable,
I know this because when one of my grand children
speaks to me
I hang on their every word.

Often my husband is sharing something with me 
 I find myself trying to hurry him along.
I confess it's bad....
I'm working on it...proof in the topic?


Woes me.......

What I do know is I want to be a better listener.
It does give the message that what another has to say,
has value.... 
and that's important to me.
I know I have been in the middle of sharing a story with someone
 and they have jumped to 
another related story with someone else in the vicinity...
The message that sends to me is what I have to say has no importance.
If I have done this to someone,
please know I was unaware and it was so wrong to do so!
I really believe we are all overloaded with too much in our heads...
and that makes it difficult to focus on what someone is saying...
let's keep striving to purge some of that!

 The topic of listening is so important.
I think we all need to be heard.
We need to share and when doing so we really want
others to hear what we are saying.
I know I am going to work on better listening skills...
I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, 
but I'm not sure your realize that what you heard is not what I meant......
(author unknown to me)
Just another one of those things I'm working on,
oh the list is long.....
its what echos from my heart today......


  1. Oh, Debi, what truth and that is exactly why the Lord gave us two ears and one mouth! I could definitely stand some work in this area as well. Another great post! Blessings for this week!

  2. True! It's hard for my husband to listen when he's in the midst of his busy season and tonight he was especially tired and said.....could you get your sister to listen?

  3. This is something I need to focus on also, Debi. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I often think I'm "getting" what they're saying when in reality, I notice that somehow I must have missed something.

    I hope you have a blessed day. Appreciate you so much.


  4. We all have a "list" that we're working on. I think that's part of what makes life so interesting. If we were all perfect, a) we'd be in heaven, and b) life here on earth would be really boring. The key is having the desire to work towards improvement. And that you definitely have. I think we can all work on being better listeners. Know you're not alone in this. :-)