Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Going On ~

What's going on this weekend?


Tonight we will be watching the sweet beans
Darn it.....NOT! 


I hope to do some reading, I started Thirty Rooms to Hide In a couple
months ago and haven't had a chance to pick it up since.  
Hoping to have a relaxing day with the hubstir.... 
he needs it!

Lady and Gentlemen, start your engines.

Two of our very special friends will be joining us for the Daytona 500
The hubstir will be making Eggs Benedict for all....he makes the very best!
I'm a Dale Junior fan....I love this sport.
Those of you wondering why? (you know you are) I will share the story
in another post as to how that happened....
I used to roll my eyes at the thought of watching.

Yep....not any more :-)

...and the Oscar goes to ?

The Oscar evening event is big in our home. 
So much so we used to put a sign on our front door stating
 " Oscar Night ~ Private Party, do not disturb ". 
 The hubstir and I have always made a big deal of the night. 
We love movies :-)
We have an extra fancy meal which we enjoy while we are watching 
the stars arrive. 
 I like to see what their wearing, and we give our own thumbs up or down.
Truth be told it's more like, " what were they thinking ", or, " love it " ! 
An old friend emailed me a list of who or what is up for each award category.
Too fun,
 I will mark my guess (based on word of mouth, as we rarely go to movies....we rent) and I 
will mark the winners as announced.  Helps to remember which to rent for sure!

It has been a great week for me, and what's great is,
 it's for no particular reason!
Life is good.
We are so blessed.....

Hoping you all enjoy your weekends !'s what echos from my heart today.


  1. It sounds like you are in for a wonderful weekend! Life is good...I agree.

  2. It does sound like a fun weekend. Eggs Benedict sounds great too. Have fun!!

  3. You are blessed! Not JUST because your husband loves movies, but that sure doesn't hurt! :)

  4. Oh, that "for no particular reason" is so wonderful, those are the best kind of weeks! Enjoy tomorrow night, we've never watched but I know lots of folks that will be right there with you. Happy weekend!

  5. Talking about the Daytona 500, wasn't that an awful accident yesterday? Goodness gracious. Last weekend my daughter was there for races; I'm glad it wasn't yesterday. But, of course I am praying for the injured. And, the Oscars? I watch every single year! Would you believe, Debi, that since I moved here I can't get the channel it's on this year. I don't have cable so get very few channels. I hope you guys enjoy it, sounds SO fun!!