Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine, Mine ~

My Valentine's ~

I have never been really big on Valentine's Day...
for no particular reason.
As with most special occassion/holidays
Give me a thoughtful card and call me happy!!
oh, and I am happy!!

It actually started with a card I received yesterday from a thoughtful friend.
Extra special because she made it.

Over the top because of what was written inside, 
I'm sharing it because it's the highest compliment I have ever been given!

I'm so thrilled that my faith is seen in action by another,
an that she knows my heart is Christ in me......
Thanks sweet Holly !!


Out to the kitchen this morning to find Buster had left me a beautiful card.

I love that he included my blog line...he knows what it means to me :-)
I love this man.....


Speaking of love....
The Sweet Beans and her Momma arrived next.

This is the gift Beans and I made for her Momma and Daddy....

The Sweet Beans loves frogs so he was waiting for her this morning.

Her Elmo card came with Elmo stickers...poor frog.


 Khloe a.k.a. Sweet Beans brought me this " for taking such good care of her",
she is unaware it's her taking care of me :-)
I love little fat birds and Khloe!


We promised to send her Momma a photo so she could see her in her
Valentine attire ....

She felt she needed a matching hand bag :-)

Now back to getting some reading done.

It's a love story......

Hoping you have a day of giving and receiving love, it's what echos from my heart today......


  1. Awwww, that sweet, sweet Khloe. I just love her, and seeing how she's growing. Adorable.

    Sweet day to you also, Debi. :)


  2. Love that card from your hubby! He reads your blog? And your friend is absolutely show Christ in your very words!

    Sweet Beans! I love that and that hat is just crazy cute!

  3. Absolutely adorable! Sounds like a wonderful Happy Hearts Day!

  4. really do go big for Valentine's day...and that's a good thing.

  5. The details, the colors, the little knit hat, and the most adorable girl, all made for the perfect blog post! You just know how to bless don't you?
    You and the green and the pink flamingo...what fun blogging is!

  6. Oh, and I forgot, the sentiments, the cards, the creativity that was included in your Valentine Day, were so special! I do think it was most thoughtful that your husband included the words we all love to see..."echos from my heart". And, I do see God's love reflected from you and your life. What a blessing it is to all of us!