Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unaware of the Impact You May Have on Another

Every three weeks I treat myself to a pedicure.
I love everything about them.

There is much to be said about sitting in that high back chair, 
with my head back on the cushioned pillow.
My feet in warm water 
jets pulsing all that is tired and often swollen.
A body massage at my finger tips with the push of a button.
I choose the waist to neck option...
the hurts so good option.

While there
I don't have to decide, answer, ask or call
My 40 minutes of total relaxation.
Someone else doing the work for me. 

It's over the top if I have a manicure at the same time.
Hands soaking in warm water
followed by massage of fingers up to elbows.

I find myself lost in the hum of the jets that are relaxing my feet.
Only to be brought back to a level of reality when the
hot towels are wrapped around my feet and chins.
Suddenly looking bandaged from a mishap of sorts.

Towels removed,
all parts are still there.
Polish is applied (China Glaze, Whimsical)
suddenly the blank canvas comes to life.
As if they are now miniature colored eggs,
my thoughts have moved onto Easter :-)

Upon completion those feet almost appear youthful.
My sandal is put on by one who is skilled at doing 
so with precise movements as to not chip the eggs....

As I'm driving home I'm thankful for that 40 minutes.
Wondering how I could manage a
pedicure, manicure, 
my head in a sink with someone washing my hair,
and massaging my scalp.....?
The light turns green and I'm back to reality.
In motion and good for another three weeks.

That evening I will admire my little toes often.
Nothing like a new foot!
Come tomorrow they will be back at work,
carrying me every step of the way.

I need to let my salon gal know just how much that time means to me.
When we are doing a service for another 
we may never know the impact that service has on them.

If you haven't treated yourself to a pedicure,
I hope you will do so.
Your little feet deserve it,
and you will be amazed at the treasured moments of that 40 minutes!


Remember when you do something for someone
it may seem so minor to you,
but on the receiving end
it almost feels as if your head really is laid back in that sink!'s what echos from my heart today.


  1. Oh, yes, I get regular Pedicures every month and feel the same way about them. They are the "cat's meow" for sure!

    Enjoy your blog so much and your approach to writing is so neat and interesting.

    Happy weekend!

  2. This is a really sweet post. Not just the pedicure but the realization that someone else is doing something wonderful for you.

    I usually only get pedicures in the summer. Since we moved back to Texas, I realize that pedicure season is going to be much longer. Love it!

  3. How wonderful! It's been a while, but I do love it so. I can fully appreciate what you've written. Hunter gave me one last night; you know, pretend but she did use lotion and it felt pretty dadgum good.

    Take care, sweet Debi.


  4. Debi, only someone as creative as you could take the luxury of a spa treatment and turn it around to sharing kindness with the one who performs the service. I was right with you, almost experiencing it all as you related it. You are right! It is the best!

  5. I love this post (and your toenail color) and what a precious reminder to thank those who render service!