Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mercy ~a Gift

Mercy Me

It took me time to learn that my "problem" with
being quick to tears was called mercy.
I also learned that it's a gift from God,
and I'm thankful for it.

 When I speak to someone in regard to 
anything heart felt,
I generally end up in tears.
Wondering if they think I'm somewhat of a nut case :-)
Not understanding what is behind my water works....
Tears fall,
 because they come completely
from my heart.

Often wishing I could get through
 conversations without the tears.
Wanting to find complete comfort with
this gift of compassion, mercy, pity
for others,
others who maybe suffering.

When some may see the flaws, the imperfections of others,
I'm one that see the hearts, the pain, the struggles.

I sometimes wish it not to be so Windex clear to me.
I take on their heaviness,  all the while wishing them hope.
I whisper unsolicited silent prayers,
or pray that I will say what they need to hear.
Sometimes I share a glance
and I do believe
they can sense mercy from me.
It's not sympathy it's compassion for anyone
that maybe
suffering or in distress.

It may be how much I love someone
something of great importance to me
that calls up the tears.....

My Bible tells me God's mercy is new every morning

Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed,
for his compassion never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
                                         Lamentations 3:22,23

I have recognized mercy and compassion
 in all three of my Grand daughters.
All very tender hearted,
all quick to show compassion.
May they continue to be as they are now.
Full of compassion!

Matthew 12:7 says;
If you had known what these words mean,
"I desire mercy, not sacrifice, 
you would have condemned the innocent."

Let's not be so quick to judge,
allow yourself the time to think with your heart
and consider walking in another's shoes. 
Not all were raised with a full family.
Some experienced rejection from someone they loved.
Some have never known the love you know......

 We don't all have to be like you, 
we don't all handle situations in the same way.
Each equipped with what they have and know, today.
 I know I handle situations differently today
I may have 10 years ago. 
It's called growth.
Allow it.


Before condemnation...
consider the circumstances
that may have brought them
to the
(to some) 
place they are in life.

Possible your words, your whispered prayer,
your merciful glance could provide hope
if even for a moment.
Imagine if you will,
only having  moments of hope,
and no mercy.'s what echos from my heart today.



  1. Debi
    There are times I never could have made it without God's mercy. It is good that we can express our own towards others and is really a manisfastation of his Holy Spirit working through us.
    I've enjoyed the echos of your heart!

  2. I cry easily too.......but today, I have been so snippy and this made me ashamed of myself! Thanks, I don't promise not to be snippy every again (that probably wouldn't be true......but I will think twice (hopefully) before I speak!

  3. My friend and I say that we are the "tear ducts" in the Body of Christ because we cry so easily!

  4. From your heart is a beautiful thing, Debi. So beautiful.


  5. Yes, you definitely have a beautiful heart, and it sounds like one of God's gifts to you is mercy for others. That's amazing because so few of us have that gift. You are blessed, for sure.

    Thanks for the reminder to put myself in others' shoes so that I may see their circumstances clearer and, God willing, show mercy to them.

    You're a sweetheart, Debi. Hugs!