Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Timely Find ~

So Saturday I was putting  away some things that had found temporary residence on my 
guest room bed.  A spot I tend to put things that I'm not sure where its' home will be...
I was putting something in the nightstand drawer when I found a little photo book
 that my Mom must have put there when staying with us prior to her surgery....
She passed away on Mother's Day of 2012.

I'm sad to say I have many friends that have lost their Mom's or Dad's in the very recent past.
A sorrow we now share.
I mention this because of what I discovered tucked in my Mom's little photo book.

A beautiful Poem handwritten on a sheet of paper
 I'm not sure who's beautiful handwriting it is,
but I knew when I read it that it was something I  should share.

To One In Sorrow
By Grace Crowell

Let me come in where you are weeping friend,
and let me take your hand. 
I who have known a sorrow as yours can understand.
Let me come in, I would be very still beside you in your grief.
I would not bid you cease your weeping friend, tears bring relief.
Let me come in I would only breath a prayer and hold your hand,
  for I have known a sorrow such as yours and understand.
Life is a flame that is always burning itself out.
But catches fire again,
every time a child is born.  

Nanny and Poppa's Great Grand Daughters
Ruby and Khloe

Friend if you are one who has lost a loved one,
I understand...
Yet now reminded,
every time a child is born.... is what echos from my heart..


  1. I'm so glad you found that, Debi. It is beautiful, and so are you. I know how much you miss your parents, as I do as well. I even mentioned my dad this morning which makes your post very timely for me also.

    Love the photo; the girls are precious.


  2. My Mom passed away suddenly 4 years ago and there's just such grieve associated with the loss of a Mother. Just no one like our Moms.

    Love that poem, thanks for sharing and blessings to you as you continue to adjust to life without your Mom.

  3. What a wonderful gift your mother left and what joy those girls must bring!

  4. My mom passed away suddenly 13 years ago and would be celebrating her birthday this weekend if she were still here. She missed out on meeting all her great-grandchildren...but lives on through them in many ways.