Friday, September 30, 2011

A Cookie and a Nice Cup of Tea ~

Slept till 8 yesterday.
 Too much sleep, maybe that was the cause of a day gone bad not so great. 
First stop the dry cleaners to put a new zipper in my favorite jeans. I can honestly say that I did not break it lying down on the bed attempting to zip.  No, remember I'm on Weight Watchers and still down in weight.  The jeans were fitting just right.  I may have acknowledge to my husband that the zipper was just over stressed from all the months of being forced to hold it all back.....
I left the cleaners to drop off a prescription for my 90 year old aching back. As I parked I noticed a crowd of five or so people around this elderly woman who had taken a pretty bad fall.  One applying pressure to her head as she made comfortable on the ground...only to see the good looking fireman and paramedics pull up ready to assist her.  It was heart breaking to see this poor woman so shaken up with a look of all aloneness (is that a word?) regardless of the crowd now formed around her.  Just left me feeling ....yucky....

Got in line to drop off my prescription and I hear a man's voice at the opposite end of the counter saying God Bless.  I turn to see one of my favorites from church.  He asks how my hubby is doing back to work.  Suddenly I'm a bit emotional....I have been worried about him looking so tired lately.  The hour and 15 min. commute wearing on him, learning a bunch of new things and of course the heat of Hemet, working in a brick building with an old, not always functioning air conditioner. My friend from church encourages me and promises to pray for the hubstir.....

I'm on the road for the 30 minute commute to pick up my retainer (sounds so teenage) that I took in yesterday. Turns out they don't bounce when dropped on ceramic tile. Fortunately I'm in and out of their in a jiff and on the road again, proudly passing up a taco from Del Taco......

I stop to fuel up prior to getting back on the freeway, this day didn't need me running out of gas!  I pulled in up to the pump, got my American Express card out and walked over to the machine to enter my pump number,  and insert my card .  Glasses on the passenger seat of the car, I attempt to wing it as though I can see. Why won't it take my card?  I'm almost forcing it with a fear it was going to get stuck....lame machine must not be working.  I am not walking all the way to the cashier.... :-( (hence the extra pounds).
  I get back in the car and drive to the machine on the other side....(why didn't I take my glasses)...I attempt the same, enter the pump number and attempt to again fit my card in the lame little slot. Now I am so annoyed that it is so not working!!  I'm still  not going to walk to that cashier.  Let me just get my glasses to make sure I haven't missed something. Hmmmm...that lame slot I was trying to get my card to go into was where the paper money goes in... I can now see the little, not so lame slot, off to the right and presto the card fits!!!!! It's asking for a pin?  American Express has no pin, they usually ask for my zip code.  What is going on here????  What is with this day....Oh, it does say, "cash or debit card only". Hmmm....
Debit card in, pin # entered, gas pumped and on the road again.  I drive away thinking I should have packed a lunch...

Here is where I let it all fall apart.... I was scheduled to go to a book signing of Pam Farrell's last night with a bunch of gals from Bible study group.  We were all bringing cookies to help provide for a big crowd of attendees so I decide to go ahead to the market and get some chili fixins for the rain expected this weekend and I might as well pick up the cookies too.  I pick up a bag of fresh baked peanut butter cookies thinking to myself, " bad idea you know you will eat some, you love peanut butter cookies". "Lets think smarter, buy those for the event and grab those Ginger soft cookies which are less calories and  have one of those with a nice cup of tea."

I'm home now, groceries put away. Now where are those cookies? I think I will have one prior to hopping in the shower to get ready. I'll keep this short.  I ate after the other, no time to make a cup of tea.  REALLY? Lectured myself, questioned myself and eventually started to feel, not so good. Not so good to the point that I knew I wasn't going to make it to the book signing. What I knew for sure was I needed to get these cookies (whats left of them) out of the house.  I end up taking them over to my daughter in law, I knew I could count on her to take them off my hands.  I arrive, gave a quick confession of what I have done and hand her what's left of the ginger cookies and new bag of .....fresh peanut butter cookies .  Almost as if she knew what I needed she told me to not be so hard on myself and " do you want to hold Khloe? "  So about 45 minutes later I head home with an upset stomach...still...but a full heart  :-)

So, with full heart and stomach I'm really not hungry again till about 6:45 P.M.  I preheat my oven and toss in a frozen enchilada, set timer for 25 minutes and wait.  Twenty five minutes pass, I pull out my dinner....still frozen in the middle.  Thought to self, " is God telling me I could very well do without dinner after all those cookies?"  Nah!  I give it another 10 minutes..........still cold to the touch in the center???? 
Microwave 2 minutes, eating dinner at almost.....7:30 P.M.

The hubstir softly says, " and you don't like to eat after 6 P.M. "  
He looks so tired.

A day of blessings really.
Magic pills on the way, I can wear my old jeans by Wednesday, Fireman just a block away from a fall, no charge for the retainer that doesn't bounce, full tank of gas and a car to put it in, a cookie free house, a happy daughter in law, a healthy grand child, a husband that comes home to me everyday, a good friend bringing me my signed book.

Look for the blessing !
This is what echos in my heart today.......


  1. It sure sounds like your day was, indeed blessed.
    It's so nice you stopped to count the blessings and not the aggrevations instead!

  2. Bless your heart....I know how the aching back is....mine has been aching for a month now and I can't take pain meds because they hurt my stomach. Have I said how much I love aging??? and I would have just eaten all the cookies in one sitting.

    But Khloe is absolutely adorable and I know that was better than any medicine! :)

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself...just count those points and move on!! I had the same issue with potatoe chips this week. I will keep your hubby in prayer as I know what those long commutes can do to his health. My hubby had a long commute (1-1/2 hours to 3 hours each way) until we moved in May. Now it's less than 1/2 an hour and he's a new person.

    That little Khloe is a doll and just what you needed in your day!!

  4. Couldn't sleep...found your blog and it's wonderful, just as you are. Love you.

    Jen Blossom/Harrison