Monday, September 26, 2011

What in the World is Blog Sugar?

This last Sunday I attended a conference for Christian Bloggers with my niece Amanda and her Mom, my sister Deanna!  It was put on by Blog Sugar and it's history is this... it started over a conversation in a Starbucks I believe, women talking about blogging.  Out of the conversation came, why don't we get together as women and discuss our blog's?  The first meeting was in Rachel's living room.  The following year as word spread, there were approximately 100 bloggers in her back yard.  Sunday was the third event and there were I would guess close to 200 in attendance at the Westminster Rose Center. Women came from all over the U.S. to attend this 7 hour event and I was so thrilled to be a part of it.
My Niece Amanda and her Mom my sister Deanna :-)

From my time spent I learned so much about the opportunity and responsibility I have to reach so many through my blog, hopefully in a way that glorifies God and not SELF!  There are currently over a million blogs and to think out of all those to choose from...some of you are following mine!  What an honor to be read at all, I hope that you have seen God in my blogs.  He is in me and I want so very much for what I write to reflect that.

I learned that by being real, sharing what I am really about, flaws, fears, difficulties,victories, my sadness and my joy I am quite possibly connecting with someone experiencing a like experience.  We are helping each other, often not being aware we are doing so.  I was so surprised how many women had lost children yesterday and how blogging was initially started by them as a form of therapy, led them to other women who had lost children and they have therefore helped each other through a pain completely unimaginable by me. Those that shared this spoke of how much it has helped to blog through this pain as well as reading the blogs of those that could relate to a loss so great as their own while in their healing place.

Many share their crafts, recipes even DIY ideas which have led to incomes, fund raising etc.... It's amazing to think of all the connections we are making all over the globe!  One speaker brought to our attention the thought of .....what would our Great Grandmothers have thought of the freedom we now have to say all we now want to say as women?  Compared to their time when women really weren't to have much to say at all?  They would likely  tell us what a great opportunity we have and to use it wisely!  Help each other out!

So you may not believe you have much to say, but what you do say is reaching many people.  Your sharing with others can be a form of encouragement, sharing your experience may provide some clarity, wisdom,  uplifting, comfort, or bringing a smile or a laugh to one that needed it.  Reaching out to and connecting with another who is having or has had a same life experience.  So I  have a responsibility to say it well, to be my authentic self and most importantly keeping in mind the opportunity for others to see God in my writing and I hope you do.

I hope you will all check out Blog Sugar and maybe I'll see you next year at the conference!

This is what echos from my heart today......



  1. I've never been to any kind of group of bloggers and just met IRL a few, but those I read I consider my friends! :) I started just because and some days I have nothing and others I feel like I have a lot to say. Sometimes, what I do say probably makes sense to no one but me, but I've had to decide if I'm putting it out there, I can't care too much about what others (mostly my own family) think. I do hope people see a glimpse of Christ in my blog even though I don't' discuss deep theological matters! :)

  2. One doesn't need to get deep, and I do see God in your writings :-)
    I think its about being real.....and you are!


  3. That sounds like a fun conference...a get-together of Christian bloggers. Thanks for the reminder that our blogging should be a reflection of 'Christ in me'. We such such an great opportunity to put our words out there...and a responsibility in using them to glorify Him.