Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thankful Thursday ~ Core Four

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The Core Four (two sisters and two cousins) just finished our annual Core Four Cousins trip.  Sister Deanna and I picked up our cousins Dona Dee and Shelly at the Los Angeles airport. The excitement of being together was evident. We decided, first things first, we were in search of the perfect Margarita (tends to be a theme) so we headed to Hermosa Beach.


 This year was a train ride to San Luis Obispo for four days, so Saturday morning we were headed to Union Station where we boarded our train and headed North.

We lunched in the dining car with a great view of the beautiful Pacific.

At last we reached our destination!

Arrived at our beautiful hotel ~

We checked into our rooms, unpacked and searched for a special spot to chit chat,
and the photo taking did not stop for several days.

Looking upward..... this was my view.

We each choose a day to share a devotional with the others, it was a special time. The four of us, along with our siblings grew up together and we know the many blessing of those days past.
 They were not lost on us to be sure.
Our commonality is that each of our Mom's were sisters. In fact Shelly's Mom was my Mom's twin sister, and the only remaining of eleven Herndon children.


We walked every day, did some shopping, and ate some great food.....

And the search for the perfect Margarita continued.......

 For the record, this was just for grins, we did pour this into our own glasses.
(Which is not to say I wouldn't of done so)


Our last day and last toast with water :-) ....we were successful in our search.

Then is was all aboard as we returned South, tired and full of memories to carry us through until next year.


 Back where we started, beautiful Union Station

I am ever thankful that I was placed into the awesome extended family that I was. 
We are much more than cousins. 
We are friends, sisters, and confidants, who lift each other up when the need arises.
This Thankful Thursday I am especially thankful for each one.
We never part without knowing exactly what we mean to one another.


Full of thankfulness today.....

Be thankful, it's what echos from my heart today!


  1. What a FUN time!!! To have time with family/friends/girlfriends... what a great time.
    & lady, you look so dang cute in your hat!!!!

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  3. How wonderful! So glad you all had a fun time, Debi!

    Hope you have a blessed Easter with your family today.

  4. It looks like you all had way too much fun!!!

  5. I had a few free minutes in my day today, and loved catching up on your blog. It is always relaxing and inspiring to visit here, plus you take the best pictures! Thanks for sharing them.