Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Minute ~ ..And So It Begins ....

This is me holding my Sweet Beans AKA Khloe who is just days old.

How did we reach this day so fast?
Day one of pre-school !!!
I'm nervous for me her
I hope I she does okay.
I hope I she doesn't cry when we leave her.

 I caught this video of them arriving ....

She looked so grown up to this Namaw...
She was clearly very excited about this big day!

Namaw was a lot little nervous and camera was on the wrong setting for some shots...

Little miss independent...

Beans and Miss Shelley


We all said our good byes and left Sweet Bean's sitting with the Director Miss Lupe
Much like her Daddy before her, she was oblivious to us all leaving with pangs in our hearts....
I She didn't cry.....

Today is full of change...myself and Miss Ellery Grace will be
hanging out together and
picking big sister up before we know it!

Is it 11:30 yet?????????

A new beginning echos from my heart today....


  1. It's 12:32 here right now so you'll go pick her up soon!! Once you get into a routine I bet you'll love the little time with the baby. :)

  2. I know! I've had that feeling many times over the years. But, she'll love it! They are both so very adorable. So blessed, you are. Hey, it seems like yesterday that my great grand Hunter started PreK and starting today in 3rd grade!

    LOVE the video and pictures. I can hardly believe it myself from seeing Khloe from a baby until now! Before you know it, Ellery Grace will be going.

    Love ya my buddy! :)

  3. Those first days at school - so hard on the parents/grandparents more then the kids :)

  4. Awww! Our little Donovan started his first day there today too! He was so excited… and I was too. (Mixed with a whole lot of "I can't believe our baby's in pre-school) Ha! What a great place for them to be. I'm right there with ya on the happy tears though. ;)

  5. Reminds me of Joni Mitchel's, Circle Game song.
    She just looks so adorable and happy, Debi.
    I'm sure it was hard for you though!