Friday, August 29, 2014

Fresh On Friday ~ Encouragement

So many I know are looking forward to the holiday weekend, three days can often feel like
a week or the unfortunate feel of just a day....
Encouraging you today to use this weekend to relax and actually feel rested when you return
to the grind.

Action packed schedules often send us back to work exhausted, needing another weekend to recover!
Everyone loses when we're constantly running and doing....patience wears thin much quicker, you begin to feel overwhelmed by it all. A sense of no time for yourself?

I'm encouraging you to take the time to not miss out on what is before it a spouse, children or just the opportunity to read that book you never have time for.

Many times Buster and I have not committed to anything for a few weeks just to have some down time, some alone time. We love our friends and always have great fun...but sometimes we owe it to each other to say no to the invites. A reconnection of sorts!

We've had a crazy busy summer and as it nears it's end I'm seeing it all as a blur. For us it's time to slow down and refocus.  It wouldn't be so bad if the weather made a change either.  I want so badly to put on my jeans and a sweater!

Enjoy this weekend and whatever you do be safe!

Down time, not missing what's before you, it's what echos from my heart today......


  1. I know! The summer just went by like a shooting star! Hoping to relax some from days gone by even though I didn't take a vacation. Retied life IS a vacation, I guess. LOL

    You and Buster? Enjoy!

  2. thanks for this reminder. I stay so busy, I let this slide all the time...

  3. Yes, GREAT advice...Enjoy your week-end!

  4. Such good advice Debbie! I do not do well when I am too busy and I work very hard at trying to keep everything in balance. I certainly fail at times,but I've just learned what works best for me. Happy long weekend!