Friday, August 1, 2014

Bidding Farewell to San Luis Obispo ~

Slept in.
Returned to Big Sky for breakfast, tried something different,
Three Bean Chili and Turkey Omelet topped with white cheddar... Jack Pot!
Stopped for fruit and water prior to returning to Paradise.
Enjoyed a few hours at the pool prior to going back to town....we can't leave San Luis Obispo
without going to Barnes and Noble and the Firestone Grill for famous Tri tip Sandwiches.

Back in paradise I actually took a nap....I never nap!
Kinda liked it :-)

This evening our hosts brought us a tray of chocolate dipped strawberries she made for us....they
are some awesome people....I've had three, so far....

Hubstir says he has relaxed...mission accomplished!

 Thankful for our beautiful surroundings, our wonderful hosts Debbie and Gary 
a relaxed husband and a new love of..........napping! 
 Its' what echos from my heart today....


  1. The whole thing looks and sounds like a wonderful get away! Glad you enjoyed!

  2. So happy you've had a great time in Paradise. I'd say your hubstir definitely looks relaxed! Thanks for sharing your vaca with us!


  3. Missing you! Hope all is well.