Wednesday, June 11, 2014


For those who don't know me well,
and those that do, just nod.. :-)

I do not have the gift of singing, (I know your nodding)
but I do sing!

I don't have the crafty gene,
but I love to attempt it!

I'm very far from a math whiz, 
(though Dad drew many pies)
I have friends and a calculator :-)

I'm not a home decorator, 
but I chose what I loved, and I love eclectic! 

I'm not the best chef,
but I love to cook and often it works!

I love photography,
but know very little about my camera
and what we are capable of together  :-)

What I do well, 
clean a house, laundry, and love.
And I love to do all three.

I used to love helping an Aunt or friend clean their houses...
I love the before and after of the process.
I think I've mentioned, the laundry gene came from Mom,
my best form of therapy is folding clothes.
A side note, I do not like putting them away.....
When I love I think I love well....
but we can always improve on how we love.
It is the greatest commandment so it must be important.
I also love to write
All that information so I can share that I am going on a two day writing trip 
with my equally crazy and far more talented friend Lori. 
We have rented a house for two days in Palm Desert,
of course it has a!

Lori a.k.a. Snicker ~

I have a project I have been working on since late 2008...
my buddy Lori has been editing it for me :-)
she is good at most everything!!!
She writes some really awesome stuff herself...
We are hopeful to get some good writing done and have some fun,
we do that well together.

I'm for sure not a trained writer, I just love to write.
I love that I can start typing and often the
words just begin coming off the tips of my fingers.
Sometimes it works! 

I try and write from my heart...
hence the title of my blog :-)
Intending for what is in my heart to echo out through 
these finger tips ....

Jack of all trades master of none,
but I continue to do what I love,
writing is one such thing..

Love that has meaning for me...

So bright and early tomorrow we leave on another Snicker Doodle adventure.
Our friendship was sealed the first day we met, 
a dozen or so Snicker Doodle cookies played a BIG part in that.
She is Snicker to my!!

Time away with a sweet friend, it's what echos from my heart today.


  1. ahhh - time away with a good friend is precious to have.

    I love all your things you mentioned at the beginning. I enjoy to do so much that I'm not great at... I can feel bad about that, or just enjoy the JOY in it :)

  2. Praying for you both, that you get lots of writing done! But most of all that you laugh a lot!!! Can't wait to hear your stories. Have fun and enjoy that POOL!!! Love you both.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful and productive time. :)

  4. How wonderful for the two of you! I know you'll write straight from the heart.

    I don't mind cleaning, but I'd rather clean someone else's house. :)

    Have a great time, Debi!


  5. Hi there! I asked for suggestions of blogs that I might like and our friend Sally recommended yours. She was right! I think we have a lot in common.

  6. How wonderful!!! I too like cleaning and writing.

  7. I LOVE that you shared all those things about yourself! I LOVE that quote! Of course you LOVE to wsrite...and write so that it slides straight to the heart! Have a fun writing retreat!

  8. What a fun time and even more so when sharing it with a friend. You are already a great writer and the best part is that you do write from your heart. Blessings my friend!