Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Minute ~ Conflict and Grace

 Our Women's Ministry Core Team attended a team building weekend at 
a beautiful home in Mountain Meadows this last weekend.

Surrounded by beauty and quiet...

I love love the hearts of these women

Gathered together, we filled this place and prepared to learn
of this thing called,
 Conflict and Grace

We weren't alone in this place..
some were unpaid guests.
For example, this apparent tree person.

We were all aware of it's presence, it was no bother at all....

there were others,
 M_ _e.
Also known as the M word.
Often starts with, Mickey and ends with Mouse...
but of course the
answer is in plural form.

I will tell you this
I prayed often, and  once again  the power of prayer was displayed before me!!
No visual by me..but oh the
Enough to prove a case and convict..
I would be in favor of m_ _ e hangings if there was such a thing..

Lots of tiny little ropes, I know crafty creative people!
Okay, nuff said.

It wasn't going to stop this group of women from doing what we came to do.

 Thankful for the printed word of a beautiful hymn,
Amazing Grace indeed...

I truly don't think I have adequate words to describe to you the kind of friends these women are.
A group I'm so proud to be a part of, as we each desire nothing more than to serve
God and the Women of our awesome church.

 Constantly being reminded to turn to Him in all things...
ensuring what we do is done in love and our purpose is to bring honor to Him.

We shared meals, laughter and tears.

As a team we learned about conflict...what it is,
how to recognize it, and that is doesn't look the same for all.
We all have different triggers
conflict is unavoidable, it will always enter in from time to time.
Our hearts desire, when it makes an appearance, is to handle it in love
with a willingness to allow grace to enter in..
 each and every time.

 ....and know that I am God


We each have a precious rock with our own words engraved them. They were given as gifts from our
Director Dawn back at the beginning of this year...
We each shared how we have put our words to use in our lives since choosing them.

Several of us may or may not have taken the slide down to the pool :-)
Funny how with age it seems much scarier and faster than as a kid..
so I was told...

 Girl stuff !

 Time...a precious thing.

This sweet one below arrived on the wings of prayers....
Love our Victoria's heart. Happy for her restored health!

We are never without some fun and games
oh, the stories!! 

We were reminded that if you only have a piece of the picture
we all perceive different things about what the full one might really look like. 
 Each chose a piece of a photo and were challenged to draw the rest 
of the scene...

 The results..



 We discovered what our love languages are.

(who used a capital letter in my name?) 



 Being on a team is never without some element of conflict,
be it a team of employees, a team in marriage, 
and yes
it includes women's ministry teams. :-)

I leave reminded that we are not quitters,
regardless of what conflicts come our way.
We are a team doing work on behalf of
Most High God. 

Conflict will surely come our way,
feelings may even get hurt, and we will disappoint each other.
Which is why it's key to constantly remind ourselves, 
this journey we are on together is

about us as individuals, but Him. 

We will show each other grace because we are committed
 because God shows us grace time after time. 

We will  do so in love, even when its hard.

1 John 4:19

1 We love because he first loved us.
He doesn't say to love only those worthy of it...
if that were the case...?
Not one is worthy,
He loves us.

This particular rock is not mine,
however I think it should be our 
 TEAM rock...
we don't quit,


We've got this because we are following and trusting 
He is the lead, He is who we chose to follow.


Thankful always for this group of women I have the privilege of serving with and spending an occasional weekend with....
I wish for all women to have friendships such as's what echos from my heart today.


  1. What a great post...and such a good reminder to me of how privileged I am to be a part of a wonderful 'team' of ten women at MGCC. Friends...working together...with God as our Guide. That is the best kind of friendship.

  2. GREAT post! Yes what a privilege and blessing it no doubt is to be part of such a team! Looks like a wonderful time!

  3. Yes, indeed we all need a great group of Christian friends. Looks your church has a great team of women leading the Women's Ministry. That is awesome!!! But, the m_ _ _ _ _ was have literally sent me home in a flash, grace or no grace. They give me the "hibby jibbies." Blessings for a great year ahead with the women of your church!

  4. I always enjoy reading and seeing the photo's from your weekends with the friends. How fortunate for all of you to be able to spend time together.

    Love the photo's, DeBi. (I had to type it that way, you know!) :)

    I also have to tell you that I didn't "get" about the M's - but that's okay, from what Lea said, it's probably best. LOL


  5. This reminds me of the Emmaus group that my sister often chairs. They have just returned from a weekend and use some of the same "tools" you showed in these photos. I would love that Persevere stone, as that is my credo!!! Mickey's are God's creatures too ya know, LOL.

  6. I am sure you left the time with these women, with renewed inspiration and hope. I enjoyed seeing each picture and was taking notes for our group of women from church. Thank you for sharing it all with us, along with some of things you learned through it all. Most inspiring!