Friday, June 27, 2014

Fresh on Friday ~ Taking it All In

Encouraging you today to, 

take it all in!

Yesterday I had a Doctor appointment and in my travels home  I passed by this
awesome little church.  I actually chose the lot my house was built on knowing that
I could see it out my dining room window.  Well, now a hundred years or so later
the trees have all grown so much between the church and my house,
 I can now only see the steeple. 
 So I stopped to capture a makes me happy to look at this old church.

  Fresh flowers just have an affect on a room
I really love them!
I placed these so I can enjoy them as I write.

It got me thinking that I should spend more time taking in the 
things that increase my happy...
for example,  :-) some of my rooster collection.

My photos were taken with my phone...
substandard quality! 

Cherries scream childhood vacations, my Dad always stopped at a roadside
stand and purchased a very large bag to enjoy in our travels.
 I love my fake cherries, I have two bowls of them.  
I have glass cherries in a black bowl on display. 
These below are plastic but look very real, in a pretty crystal bowl.
So real, Khloe continues to occasionally pick one up and try and
bite into it...If you look close you can see her little teeth marks.
Makes them much more valuable to me!

I love over sized objects as well..

 All things water, I can sit and be content for a long time
just taking it in.  This was from our river trip last week.

And of course there are these two cuties.
Thankful we get to see them so often, nothing beats Grand Parenting.
I still  just stare in wonder as I look into their little faces
that are forever full of expressions.

I recently made these little collages with an app on my phone.
Fun to change photos up from time to time.

I encourage you to take some time and take in the things you love.
Really sit and let them do their magic on your happy!
It did this old heart good.
It's what echos in my heart today.


  1. I second that! Take the time... breathe deep... listen to the quiet... and be grateful! My heart is also echoing this today! Thank you for the prompt!

  2. Love this post, Debi. You ALWAYS make me feel good/or better when I visit you. Your grands are so very sweet. I'm glad you can see them often. That's how I feel about my greats; I think it must be really difficult for grandparents who only are able to see theirs one in a while.

    Have a wonderful weekend - and, oh how I love that photo of the water.


  3. I love you stopped to take a picture of that church... so many times I see things & drive right by & wish I stopped. You make me want to take the minute to do that!

  4. Couldn't agree more! Such sweet pictures and cute grands! Enjoy your week-end!

  5. I love the old time white churches. I can see why you wanted to have a home with a view
    I attended many that were this style when I lived in the rural farm areas.
    I enjoyed the mini tour of your kitchen too.

  6. This is such a special post! I enjoyed reading about each picture and how you treasure the simple things in life. The church building is beautiful! The little girls...even better!

  7. That church is just beautiful! I enjoy a burning scented candle to add to my happiness and many other simple things that you have caused me to think about. Enjoyable post Debi!