Monday, June 16, 2014

A Monday Minute ~ My Person and Father's Day

First things first the writing get away was way beyond how great I ever imagined it would be!
Lori and I met at a Women's Retreat several years ago and bonded over a dozen couple dozen 
snicker doodles...
Since then it just sort of evolved that she was Snicker I became Doodle.
She's my person.....
if you watch Grey's Anatomy you get it.
We get each other.
Our mutual friend Dawn dropped this off at my house shortly before we departed.

We arrived about 9 P.M. in Palm Desert,
it was 80 degrees.
 Immediately we were amused by the one eared rabbit...What?
I should mention we are easily amused.....

The main reason for the get away, to spend some time writing....
look at this fabulous location.
Snicker's post later in the morning..

I was content in the dining room over looking the pool :-)
We left the house the first morning for a trip to Trader Joe's
our favorite food stop! Beyond that we didn't leave the house for three days....

 Our shelf items, this was not a health and fitness getaway.

She gave her name at Starbucks as , Snicker....
leaving town I gave mine as Doodle.
Without skipping a beat the sweet young girl taking my order said, 
"oh I love that name"......
I left it at that :-)

 Snicker created this beautiful visual from my writings...touched my heart ....

Snicker/Lori is my greatest encourager.
She tells me what I need to hear which is not always what I want to hear.
It's why I love her ....well, one of the reasons.

 It was a very special time away...accomplished much, 
laughed more, recognized...again what a gift this friendship is.

There was talk of doing this again in the spring :-)

Home to celebrate Father's Day with my hubsitr...
My oldest son and daughter in law took us to lunch after a great church service.
Sweet little Ellery Grace...

 Khloe was so excited to give Pa the bird house she painted for him....

Love this, there was much to say about all the painting..

Namaw and Ellery

Son Mike and Pa
 Our mariachi group, Khloe wasn't in the mood...

After lunch back to our house to hang at the "pool'....
what a great day!!

Loving life...I've said many times these last five days...
If it died today I would die a happy girl!
A good life, surrounded by great friends and a family that loves us!
It's what echos from my heart....


  1. What a wonderful time!!! God is bestowing you with so many blessings!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful time! ... & yep, I want my fridge to look like that :)
    Doodle... haha - that's funny that the girl said that's a cute name. I always give the name Belle at Starbucks :)

  3. So glad it was a great writing experience, and then home to celebrate Father's Day. Those baby girls are growing, Debi! And, so very precious.

    Love all the pics. xoxo

  4. Sounds like such a good get away to write...I would have loved that. And finished off with a great Father's Day celebration. No wonder your cup runneth over...cute pics!

  5. Love it, Snicker and Doodles, how cute is that! We probably all need time away such as that to just "be still" and enjoy. And, what a way to get inspired.

    Looks like a great Father's Day. Happy week!

  6. "Health and fitness" getaways do not produce good writing moments:) I smiled as I read that sentence and saw your food shelf. I like that you had the privilege of quiet moments to reflect and write, and I enjoy seeing where God took you in that.

    The pictures you shared are exceptional! I enjoy watching your little girls growing up before my eyes. So sweet! Thanks Debi, for sharing with us.