Sunday, June 15, 2014

"A Father's Love"

It's Fathers Day..... 

I showed up bright and early to the hospital.
 It was Father's Day 2008 and I wanted him to have something he loved for breakfast.
 I stopped to buy him his favorite McDonald's breakfast burrito.
I entered his room, breakfast and Father's Day card in hand.
As I came in they were moving him out, to the Critical Care Unit.

He never did come home to us.
I miss him every day.

Below is the card I couldn't wait to give him, I felt it was the best I had ever found for him.
He never got to open it, so I keep it in my Bible in the book of Psalms.
The book that held so many verses that brought me comfort for 20 days that June,
and since.....

"A Father's Love"

Children hardly know or guess
the love their fathers can't express-
With thought he seldom says aloud, 
his heart is warm, his feelings proud...
They do not fully understand
his wisdom and his guiding hand,
They do not know each helpful word
holds love unspoken, hope unheard...
Yet as the busy years roll past,
they come to understand at last
The worries and the fears he knew,
the problem times
he's pulled them through--
They finally learn the full extent
of what a father's love has meant
and realize how great it's been
to have a father just like him.

He was a remarkable man and I can't wait to unite with him again.
My Dad echos from my heart, today and everyday....


  1. So beautiful, Debi.

    I miss mine also, so very much.


  2. Oh, how sweet Debi! I feel so blessed to still have my Dad and there will be a huge void in my life when the Lord calls him home. I'm not sure we ever get over losing our parents but life does go on. Blessings!

  3. My Daddy passed June 18, 2008--just a couple days after Father's Day. After he died and we all came home from the Hospice, we opened up his cards and put them all on the fireplace mantle.