Saturday, January 18, 2014

Life as of Today ~

Live for today, tomorrow is not promised....

People I love are being stretched.
Loved ones gone, too soon, only for it to happen again...too soon.
Learning what it's like to deal with the realities of a parent with Alzheimers.
Two friends with loved ones that have come out of remission.....
A friends husband has had a stroke....

God I'm so blessed right now.
Blessed to know each of these people,
blessed to be one that is committed to praying for them.
Lord, this is what you want from be available for them?
I'm here and I will.....

We often don't know the whys....
It's the empty void you feel, 
an opportunity to fill it with your faith.

Many have been claiming their "word" for the year.
I've been so unclear about what that word is for me.

I am fairly certain after the last month that all this news
concerning very special people....God is going to make it clear to me.

Is it to love others through this season of their lives....
as He first loved us?

Is it to pray,
pray without ceasing?

Is it a time to take what I've experienced,
  and use it to comfort someone else?

Another season to remind me, 
it's not about me.

I want to lift each of them up...
up in prayer.

It's important we live for today, 
tomorrow is yet to be released .
The present, today, one day at a time.
Looking further ahead,
it's overwhelming to do so, wait until it's released to us.....
God releases it a little at a time, He knows what we can handle.
Wait for it, and when it comes know He has equipped you to deal with it.

Working on finding my word....still.
Focused on those in a struggle within their moment to moment,
 surreal lives.

Heavy heart for them, 
hopeful heart that God will equip me to be present and have the right words for each.
Praying each can find the joy in today..

Hope, faith and love....the greatest of these is love....
Praying I'm equipped  to's what echos from my heart today....


  1. It's not often that I find the right words to say, but there are times when being "there" suffices. I know that has been the way for us when I think back and remember seeing faces. And, of course prayer is huge because yes HE does hear us. I always appreciate reading your echo's as they often echo my own.

    Big hugs and prayers for you & those you are thinking about.

  2. There is no doubt that the Lord will and is using you in each of these situations. Life is just so uncertain and we've seen so, so much the past few years with our friends and try to be what we need to be to each of them in the situation they are in. Life is tough and I cannot imagine facing it without HIM. Keep on being a blessing!

  3. Life is just downright hard sometimes and I love that He has given us each other to be His hands and feet and see us through some of those most difficult of times. I love that your heart is so soft and your spirit is so willing to be used by Him. He will do so of that I am sure.

  4. This is thought provoking and it is also reality. The bottom line you shared is, it is not about us, it is about God and what He is doing in this world. Life is difficult, and I love seeing God and His grace using people like you. I can't help but think you bless so many in your world. I am blessed by my visits here.